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A member of the founding team MotoRiders Club and one of the pioneers of its online presence. Having the hobby on dealing with computers, he began construction of the first websites with timid steps, aiming primarily to the material of the page itself, rather than its functionality. As the group traveled more and more, the page was filling with more information, maps, photos ...


The addition of Vangelis in the team of MotoRiders Club was catalytic. His experience in computers gave great impetus to the online presence of the team. In 2006 he made the first upgrade of the website, giving it more versatility as also giving the opportunity to the visitors to navigate through the journey - photographs available.

In 2015, a re-upgrade on the webpage took place, making the page to follow technological advancements and smoother functionality.



He is one of the major supporters of MotoRiders Club, despite the fact that he doesn't own a motorcycle. He is standing by our side in order to implement "technologically" whatever idea we might think. Typical evidence is .

John is in charge of construction of the application (for iOS and Android) associated with the services of Livetrips. His expertise makes feasible any idea that we might have on ​​the application. He works in his spare time, innovating and making the impossible possible! In 2013 he created for the first time the application LiveTrip Traveller and LiveTrip Viewer, which through them you can send and read-respectively the reports of travelers.

Manolis was an idea that begun in 2008. The technology of that time did not allow its implementation to the extent that he had thought. However, in collaboration with Vangelis, "live reports" first came out on the Internet during the journey he made in the Middle East and especially in Turkey - Syria - Jordan and Egypt. There was a great response from friends and acquaintances who were watching the daily journey, traveling through it mentally!

2013 was the year that the "livetrips" issue was discussed again ... The time had come to implement a truly innovative idea, having as a sole purpose to share travel information, travel information more "primary", as its been created during the journey, having strong elements of "immediacy", objectivity, emotion ...


He is considered the "technological father" of the network application of Livetrips. In its experimental form of operation back in 2008, he was the one who managed to implement functionality in the smart phone and transfer the data to an interactive map on the Internet. Unfortunately, the technology of the time did not allow only sending a message from the point of interest, and are unable to send a photo.

In 2013 things were different ... Technology now is offering many features and functionality of the website was fundamentally different. Vangelis took the first steps so that the first spots appear on the brand new maps of He remains up to this day in the group working on the upgrading and development of services.


Motorcyclist and member of MotoAdventures. He met the team through his common passion for trips, making him one of the first users of the application, since he used it through his journey in Balkans. His selfless offer  is a high feature of his character and for that reason it did not take much effort to participate in our project. The expertise in computers and programming were the cause for him to get involved with the internet section of Livetrips.

Kostas gave an exceptional dynamic in the site and in general in the service of, promising that much more are to come in the future ...




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