Life is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page


Everything started one weekend back on November 2002 while I was waiting for Sakis and Panos to bring their photos from some of their trips. I wasn’t driving a motorcycle back then. While watching their photos and hearing their trip narrations, the idea for a website struck my mind. I thought that it was a very good reason for friends, trip and photograph believers to be able to share their traveling experiences.

So on December 2002, the first photos were uploaded to the website. All of us were impressed with the idea. On a slow but steady pace, our internet activities started to grow, seeking information for future trips. That was the time that we realized that there was a shortage on this kind of information. There were websites with traveling information, but not with the eyesight of a motorcyclist. That was the main reason for us to upgrade the webpage.

In summer 2003 the first major upgrade happened. Maps, descriptions and photographic material of our trips were included in our newly made website. Additionally, we’ve also created an English version for friends and travelers outside Greece. Despina created our logo which expresses our philosophy. Interests for our website were continuously growing.

While time was flying, our small party was getting bigger… Christos, Giorgos, Ploumisti, Aris, Takis … Friends from different places of Greece. Our trips were getting more and more. We started to meet different places: known or unknown, sea or mountains, lakes, waterfalls, villages and cities…From Soufli up to Ierapetra. We wanted to share all these with people having the same passion with us for trips, motorcycles, quest and adventure.

2004 was a milestone for our club. It was the year that we overcome the Greek borders. Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland were the first countries we met. In the following years, we met most of the European countries: Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Monaco, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, while during 2006 we drive on the African continent, while visiting Morocco.

On 2005 we appoint the 1st Annual National Gathering of Friends and Members of MotoRiders Club, thinking that it’s a good idea and chance for all of us to meet. On the next gathering of 2006 new members have been included in our club, like Vangelis, Nikos, Giannis, Nikolai, Dimitris and Kyriakos, giving us completely different dynamics. At the same year the English version of the website is been upgraded by translating all of our trips in English language, thanks to the really generous offers of the club’s friends : Anta, Giannis and Nancy.

2007 is the year that the second upgrade of the webpage is taking place. We have accomplished more than 100.000 travelling kilometers, inside and outside Greece. At the webpage there are more than 8.000 photographs, a fact that requires the creation of a more functional website. Thank to the generous efforts of Vangelis, this change is taking place.

MotoRiders Club is not a typical club. It doesn’t have an AC. All its members are equal and all decisions are been taken jointly. At the same time, our presence is not confined only on internet activities. We are a party, where all its members have a passion for trips, motorcycle, quest and adventure. Our activity is consisted by some rules; their whole purpose is nothing more than to be able to preserve smooth operation and communication between its members. We don’t have donors and subscriptions. There’s also no financial profit by having this club to exist.

MotoRiders Club is an outcome of people having passion with trips. Our whole purpose is the availability of traveling information. At the same time we keep trying to find a way to assist the upgrading of motorcyclism and to rise the joy and pleasure that a trip by motorcycle is offering.

We hope and we wish to fulfill our purpose …

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