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Members and Friends of MotoRiders Club's Meeting - 2010 -

Event Details

As each year, for 4 contracted years now, it was realized and this year the cutting of the “New Year's day pie” of friends and members of  Motoriders Club. The difference from the previous years lies in the fact, that this year was combined the cutting with mini meeting of members of the club. Hospitable and beloved destination the city of  Nafplio, the place of stay of the member Giorgos Z.

The appointment had been given for the weekend in the 23-24/01/2010. Vangelis, Lena, Giorgos and Stergiani reached from Friday evening. First meeting with Giorgos Z., relaxed talk for the beginning in some coastal coffee and afterwards we went in the village Neo Roeino, place of origin of Giorgos Z. , where the meeting would also become the next day. The fireplace turned on and the first coals were a fact. The evenings rolled with wine and the known special meat of Giorgos Z. around  the snugness of the fireplace. Near the first morning hours we dissolved the meeting pending the rest members, the next day.

Saturday morning therefore, initially reach in Naflpio Manolis, Sakis and Vangelis T. We met the guys in a beach coffee shop. The company began to grow and to make perceptible its presence in the place. While the hour passed pending the rests and with the time not helping in the organization of an excursion, we left from the city of Nafplio so that we visit Palamidi. The castle is raised imposing above the city and the way up to there, for little interval of course leads you through firs. The ascent in the castle you can make also on foot. The motorcycles were parked in the space that functions as parking outside from the castle and we moved along in its interior.

Entering, Nafplio begins and unfolds in front of you. The castle of Bourtzi strikes unique, alone in the vastness of the light blue. We visited the prison of Th. Kolokotronis (hero of Greek Revolution of 1821) and continued our ascendant course. The clouds gave an intense sense of melancholy in the horizon composing in combination with the stone of the castle, a nostalgic landscape. As I mentioned before the time did not stand our ally, thus in little time we felt the first rain drops, that led us back to Nafplio.

Midday Saturday henceforth and it was time to eat. The proposal of Giorgos Z. satisfied each gastronomic wish. Leaving from the tavern, we moved to the centre of the city, Dimitris also arrived. All together we began to cross the paved with slabs alley admiring the beauty and the picturesqueness of the region. Impression causes the number of shops that or they manufacture or they sell chaplets. In the central square of the city dominate the renovated neoclassic buildings maintaining intensely the history of this city, while Nafplio had been capital of the first Greek state afterwards the release from the Turkish. Here the first governor of Greece also been murdered,  J.Kapodistrias. We while sat in some coffee shop in the central square and the dark began to fall, with the yellow lights silhouettes the buildings, the photographic machines took fire. At the same time reached Panos T., Yannis and Ioanna.

All together we began for Neo Roeino, where they reached Kyriakos with Dimitra. There therefore, assembled henceforth all, that accomplished finally to come, gave their best self. As it usually happens the evening was evolved in teases between us, laughter and pleasant disposal by all, while the barbecue was at the same time been ready for the second round and the wine flowed abundant. Having created a heat atmosphere, reached the hour for the cutting of the pie, savory creation of the mother of Giorgos Z. the particularity concerning the other years, was that the pie contained two “lucky coins” and respectively two gift, polite sponsoring of our friends and motorcyclists that maintain the delegation of known mark of moto items IL POSTO COLORI in Ioannina, (Vilara 89, Tel.: +30 26510 79976) & Patras ( Μezonos 229, tel .: +302610421467)." . The lucky of the evening was Yannis and Apostolis that was not present in the event. In the same setting the hours passed and we were left in the embrace of Morfeas, knowing that the other day followed the difficult farewell.

Sunday morning, one last coffee in the beach of the city with the sun this time being our departure. At the midday the beautiful two days reached in its end, as happens always with anything good. Echo of the meeting remained in all the exemplary hospitality of Giorgos Z., the unique psychology of all and the memories that will nourish us up to the next concentration that we hope it will be realized at an early date.

Written by Giorgos
Translation: Sakis