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MOTO GP 2004 Race - Brno - Czech Republic

Event Details

Distance: 201km - 22nd of August 2004

Judgement day has come and the weather is still cloudy !! We already had taken our decision. Where would we find again such an opportunity and right next to us?

10:00 and we start for something new for us, for the  MOTO GP Race. Only 5 km of driving and we passed the borders of Poland,  we're in Czech Republic!!! Luckily, road conditions were great and so I could drive with high speeds. Kilometers were flying fast and the road signs were perfect all the time. Personally, I find it extremely difficult to get lost in highways like this.

12:00 We reached the circuit, which was a little bit outside of Brno, and an amazing crowd of people and parked motorcycles was waiting us. So we park our easily and fast. Weather is terrible and right then it was the time that it started to rain. Oh my God, don't do this to me!!

We entered inside the circuit and at about 12:30 we found ourselves sitting at a stand right next to a really nice twist inside the circuit. It was a very good position to sit. Crowd was amazing! At a close range from the place we were sitting there was the Rossi Fun Club, all of them dressed in yellow. As for the race, I really can't tell you anything... words are worthless! If you could only hear the noise from the beasts, you would find yourselves staring. Luckily, this proved to be a very good race, without any incidents. We did 22 kilometers up to the circuit, but I think they were the best kilometers up to that point...

16:48 we were at the parking, ready to leave. At 20:10 we were passing the Czech Republic borders, heading to Poland. At Olza we stopped for a rest, with the incredible experience we just gain, printed forever inside our hearts!!! 440 km on a one-day trip, I think they would really worth it, for any of us...

Motorcyclists: Panos

Copilots: Monica

Photos:Panos, Monica

Written by Panos
Translation: Vangelis