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"The Routes of the Olive Tree" - Events of Delphi - 2006 Olive Year

Event Details

For three days (12 – 14 may) our club took part at the events that were organized by “ Τhe Routes of Olive Tree” a Delphi. “The Routes of olive tree” is a cultural organization that promotes the Mediterranean nutrition and especially the beneficial qualities of the olive and the olive oil by organizing trips to oil producing countries and not only.
At the events, from our club, took part Manolis, Ploumisti and two new members Dimitris (Yamaha TDM900) with co-pilot Cristina and Nikolae (Suzuki V-strom650)   with co-pilot Pachalina. The events started at 6:00pm on Friday (12-5). Around 9:00pm Manolis and Nikolae arrived in order to set up the tents. At this point we have to mention that the stay at the Camping "Delphi"was free. The camping is located 3-4 km away from Delphi in direction to Amfisa.
After having set up our tents, we visited Delphi. Around 11:30 pm we returned at the camping to meet a friend of our club, Vasilis who also took part at the events. There we had the chance to meet other participants at the events and discuss with them. Around 2:00 am arrived and the others from Athens. After a chatter we helped Dimitris and Christina to set up their tent and then we went at the camping’s restaurant to talk and drink the “raki” (greek drink) that Dimitris had brought with him from Crete. It was already 3:30am when we went to sleep.
We woke up at 9:00 – 9:30am and because until 7:00pm we could do whatever we wanted we decided to go for a tour at the area. We visited the beautiful Galaxidi, Antikira, Aspra Spitia, Distomo and we returned to Delphi. There we went at a cafe with extraordinary view, at the edge of the village!
We returned at the camping around 7pm and about 8 we went to Delphi. At the context of the events was realized the official award of the title “Great Cultural Route” at the Cultural Itinerary “The Routes of the Olive Tree” from the European Council and the Ministry of Culture. At this award, was rewarded the performing manager of the Cultural Organization “The Routes of the Olive Tree” George Karabatos, whom was obliged the idea and its establishment.
During the awarding we had the chance to see images from the itineraries that took place from 1999  to several Mediterranean countries like Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Iraq. All these journeys had aim to develop relations with other oil producing countries and to promote the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the olive oil.
Earlier we had the time to visit a remarkable exhibition “Olive tree encomium” which is at the European cultural center of Delphi. At the exhibition there are many exhibits divided to unities:
-legends and archeology of olive tree,
-olive tree and athletics,
-the olive tree and oil in our health and nutrition,
-modern expressions of olive tree.
After the events we returned at the camping, around 10:00pm where we were offered roast! Later we “traveled” with the rhythms of a band called “Mousikes Gefires” (Music Bridges). All the members of the band are also members of the motorcyclist club LEFKA (Kawasaki Club of Greece). On Sunday, 14/5, as soon as we woke up, we went at the camping’s restaurant in order to have breakfast with natural products of the area of Messini and to be informed for the journey to Beijing at 2008. The organization “The Routes of Olive Tree” is planning journeys to countries that aren’t oil producing. One of them is the journey to Beijing at 2008 when the Olympic Games will take place there.
The journey will begin from Kalamata and passing through ancient Olympia, motorcyclists will carry the flame (of peace) to the routes of olive tree and silk. The total distance of the journey will be 18.000 km and the total duration will be 45 days. The departure is set for the 8th of July from Kalamata and the aim is to arrive at Beijing on 14th of August, day of the beginning of the Olympic Games.
The route has been traced. Since we don’t know how the global situation will be at 2008, it is calculated alternative routes, as some countries should be detoured, due to the pass from them would be impossible. The initial plan includes the countries: Greece, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and China. They will stay 5 days at Beijing and next through a special train, which will be loaded with the bikes and the bikers and through Mongolia and Siberia will reach the Russian capital, Moscow. There will be realized events and will be planted 1000 olive trees under the sounds of 1000 violins. From there, through Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, and FYROM will return to Greece travelling the last 6000km of the journey.
”The Routes of the Olive Tree” is ambitious that will participate at the specific journey around 50 bikers. It will be medical support, a team of mechanics, supplies of water and food, journals. The residence and the demipension will be free and they aspire that they will find providers and for the fuel of the bikes. The most spending the night will be in tents –which the bikers should have with them- in special and safe places. At the countries that will pass –with the escort of the police- events will realize that they will participate. At this project there will be cooperation from the ministries of the countries that the route includes with the Greek Foreign Office and Government.
As the briefing was finishing our mind traveled already at the streets of Beijing and also those of the return. While we promised ourselves to do whatever is possible to participate to this marvelous and unique itinerary! For more information you can enter the site of the cultural organization “The Routes of the Olive Tree”.
Next after we collected our tent, visited the most ancient olive grove of Greece (1.200.000 trees) that is found near the city of Amfissa. There we tasted the traditional products of Amfissa – a generous offer of the municipality of Amfissa and other local organizations- under the sounds of a bouzouki instrument. This visit was the end of the events and our depart for Athens.
At the end we would like to mention also others that helped: the Chamber of Municipality of Messinia, the Bikers Club of Kalamata. Well-done to everyone… Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti, Dimitris, Nikolae
Copilots: Paschalina, Christina
Photos: Dimitris, Manolis, Nikolae, Paschalina, Ploumisti, Christina  Written by Manolis
Translation: Sakis - Nancy