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Summer Camp MotoRiders Club - 2010

Event Details

The idea for this meeting had been conceived since last year, but due to unexcelled difficulties, it couldn’t take place back then. So, it was organized for this year. An absolutely loose summer weekend at Giasemia (Jasmine) beach close to the village Velika of Messinia was the central core. In this way we satisfied our denial to the fact that the summer ends and on the other hand it was an opportunity all the good company of MotoRiders Club to be found, almost surprisingly, united.

The choice of the place wasn’t accidental as Kalamata is partly Manolis’ origin. The camp was erected at the Giasemia beach, a region near Velika beach, where the beach bar of George K., Manolis’ cousin and good friend of the club, is located.

At this place there are many facilities such as restaurant, changing rooms, WC, parking and generally one doesn’t lack any of the modern amenities.However, interventions in the area are so subtle that don’t spoil the landscape’s balance which I would describe as virgin. The sandy beach is full of old eucalyptus trees, which provide generously a thick shade to the swimmers. The above place is about 150m away from the road, but entering the entrance where “Giasemia Beach” is written you find yourself on another place and time forgotten by the hustle and bustle of reality. The only thing that can be heard besides silence is the plashing  popping to the beach and the caddly that the wind gives on the tree leaves. 

Me and Steriani set off from Ioannina at Friday afternoon with rain and met Michalis who rode from Preveza at Amfilochia. The night found us at Rio - Antirio bridge, having in front of us the difficult, speaking of road surface and quality, national road of Patra-Pirgos. With slower tempo, as markings and lighting are absent, and with the explicit directions of Manolis we arrived late at night at the meeting point. Achilles from Salonica, Lena, Vangelis, Sakis (not Rouvas) from Athens and the locals, George K. and Manolis had already been there. After the established embraces and the showings of joy and enthusiasm that followed as we had over 4 months since the last time we met, we all started to tell everything that happened on the meanwhile. The eyelids have begun to weigh when the clock approached the fifth morning hour. With the physical tiredness being intense, but with a mental euphoria at the peak one by one surrendered on Morpheus’ lap, who came in our tents. 

On Saturday morning around eight and a half, I got up and at that moment incidentally Sakis, Michalis and Steriani also woke up. Urging Sakis who is prone to that kind of stuff and doesn’t want much time to think, we dove into the sea altogether. It maybe was the best swim of many summers. It may be the mood, it may be the company, it may be a lot of stuff I don’t really know. Anyway, we all had the same opinion. Time passed by and the others started waking. We gathered at the beach bar, which had opened, for the necessary morning coffee waiting for those who would arrive on Saturday. 

On very relaxed tempos, time passed by without noticing it when the first team arrived, Anna and George Z. from Nafplion, Apostolis, Dimitris and Panos T. from Athens and the surprise most of us didn’t expect, Aris from Iraklio. The company grew up and the black MotoRidersClub t-shirts made their presence observable in combination with the laughter, the teasing and everybody’s excitement that was widespread. On the meantime Vangelis T. arrived from Athens. Noon now and the need for food was urgent. George K.’s cuisine, on a demonstration of power and readiness took care of satisfying our culinary desires immediately and primarily qualitatively as every food that was served was local. 

After the food all the morning swimmers sought the afternoon siesta and some more as well. Later in the afternoon, we were waked up by Kyriakos’ laughter who had come with Dimitra from Athens bringing with them a pleasant surprise. Ioanna and Giannis from Athens were left who arrived in the evening. Our permanent activities were the refreshing swims and teasing each other. 

It was night and being faithful to our habits the MRC barbeque came up. Achilleas, with his unique manner, gave advice on how to switch on grilling and recipes on how to grill souvlaki. Eventually, of course, the experienced hand of George Z. was needed again and the familiar headlight that he carries. After the end of the grilling, here I would like to point out that everything was an offer from cousin George K., we lit a fire on the beach. Slowly everybody started to gather around the fire taking photos of the spectacle or just relaxing to the hearing of the woods that were burning in the silence of the night. Cousin George K. left some time leaving the beach bar open at our disposal. Sunrise found us on very pleasant tones beside the fire. 

I woke up around seven and Panos T. had already waken up, at that time it started to dawn and as it was expected the cameras took “fire” at the view of the subtle colors of sunrise next to the fire that was half lit. Around eight forced getting up for the morning swim while Michalis took care of the coffees and the breakfast of all, thing that Sakis did the day before. 

As usual, time passed by quickly, like the whole weekend did, and the first departures became a fact. Necessarily our turn came. The farewell was with a heavy heart and in a “charged” atmosphere. I don’t think that a text can communicate the feeling, I don’t think that joy is imprinted in 3 letters.

I would like, on behalf of all the members, to thank the good friend, cousin George K., for his unique hospitality and personally all the members cause one by one has formed what is called MotoRiders club. Those who had the chance to become members of this team know that on every meeting you fill with joy, sadness and expectation. I have analyzed the first two above, expectation is for the next time we meet which, luckily for us, is close… really close!


Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Aris, Vangelis, Giannis, Dimitris, Kyriakos, Giorgos, Apostolis, Panos T., George Z., Achilleas, Vangelis T., Michalis.

Copilots: Lena, Stergiani, Ioanna, Dimitra, Anna

Photos: Manolis, George, Panos T.


Written by George

Translation: Apostolis