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Episkopi (Rethimno) - Georgioupoli - Vrises - Kournas lake - Argiroupoli - Spili - Agios Pavlos

Trip Details

Date: Thu, 14/08/2003
Distance: 286 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Panos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

On our fourth day in Crete we decided to explore the area around the village Episkopi, which we had as a base… even though on the way we decided to reach up to Spili and Agios Pavlos!!!
First stop was the coastal village of Georgioupolis. It is built at the estuaries of the river Almyros (Salty), which comes from the lake of Kournas. In the shady square you can see the really high eucalyptus trees and at the beach you will find a beautiful small church which is built on the rocks. Just before the village square, on the right side, is the church of Agios Antonios where you can see a 15m high locust tree grow on the top of the church’s roof.
Next stop was the lake of Kournas.  It is the unique lake of Crete, where is collected all the water from the mountains around. In the lake are found 2 springs. The one at the south-eastern bank, that is visible only the autumn. Next to that there is another one that the villagers call Mati (eye). The surface of the lake is 25-35m over the sea level. The seabed is found 25m. Under the sea level. There is a sink-hole from which the water leaves and creates the sources of river Almyros, about 4 km further.
After the lake of Kournas, we followed the way for the village Argyroupoli, very well-known from the amazing springs. Argyroupoli is located very close to Episkopi (10km roughly). As soon as you will enter the village, it will be supposed to follow the downhill road which you will meet on the right side of the road. Following that way, you will meet the amazing waterfalls, that are shaped by the springs and the high and densely planes. You will also find amazing small taverns where you can enjoy all the local tastes and at the same time the majestic landscape.
After we ate in Argyroupoli, we decided to visit Spili. A graphic village built on the western glacis of Mount Kedros (Cedar). At the square of the village you can see planes and 25 taps (!) with embossed heads of lions and water cold directly from Psiloritis Mountain. We certainly stopped to be a little refreshed, as the thermometer was stuck in 40 degrees!!!
Our last stop was Agios Pavlos. This small village is not known, neither from a lot of Cretans! Perhaps because the access is somehow difficult, as you have to cover a long distance with a lot of turnings and narrow road… nevertheless our opinion is that it deserves all the efforts! The landscape is amazing. A strange beach of Libyan Sea, in which the sandy beach "climbs" on the high and abrupt rocks that reach down to the beach, giving the picture of a big "slide"!!! Of course we will not suggest this part of the island if you want to enjoy your sun bathing! The winds are extremely strong!