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Gouves (Iraklio) - Anogia - Votamos lake - Vrondisios Monastery - Matala - Gournes

Trip Details

Date: Tue, 19/08/2003
Distance: 262 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Panos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

This destination constituted the last for that journey, which we did in Crete. For that reason we decided to visit 2 very known sights of the island, even though it didn’t match to be included in a trip. These locations were Anogia and Matala.
We started with the first destination being Anogia. Highland small town in the limits between the county of Rethimno and Iraklio. It is found in the north access of Idis and from that exact location ought their name, which means high land. The landscape is astonishing, as you can join the marvellous view of the mountain Psiloritis. The people of Anogia are much different from the other people of Crete, they maintain unchangeable the traditional way of dressing, of eating, the peculiar language they use. We enjoyed our morning coffee at the square of the village and took the road to the monastery of Vrontisiou.
As we were reaching the monastery of Vrontisiou, we stopped, by fortune, for gas at the village Zaros. For our good luck, we were informed for a fabulous location nearby that we hadn’t included in our trip. It is about the technical lake of Votamos. If you want to get there, just follow the signs from the village of Zaros. It is very close to the village and it worth visit if you are in the area.
Next stop the monastery of Vrontisiou. It is about a very beautiful and quiet monastery that was recommended to visit. In the entrance of the monastery there is a huge plane and a spring with crystal water. We stopped to rest and freshen, as it was very hot. We took some photos and afterwards continued to our next destination, Matala.
The ancient houses are found where there are today, the modern houses of Matala. A big sandy beach configures a semicircle that at its side enhances rocks. At the north rock are the tubes of the 1o and 2o century a.c. These sculptured caves had gathered the interest of “Hippies”, at the 70’s and the village had become the international centre of Hippies.
After Matala we took the road back. Before reaching Gouves, we stopped for a swim at Gournes.