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Kastanies (Ardas river) - Dylofos - Ormenio - Petrota - Pythio

Trip Details

Date: Sat, 25/04/2009
Distance: 330km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

For last way, at our stay in Evros, we left the more northern department of the prefecture. We left Feres with the destination Kastanies (80km) and more specifically the river Ardas. The region is acquaintance from the festival that takes place each July and lasts 6 days. The river begins from Bulgaria, enters in Greece (near to the village Milea) and leads to Turkey, where it is linked with Meric river (in greek: Evros river).

In Kastanies that constitutes one of the two customs stations with Turkey in Evros, we followed the labelling “Ardas - passage via river” and Marasia. We led to the area of the events of the Festival, where it is entertained - except the other and a cafeteria. We enjoyed our coffee with view, the beautiful river. The point is known while exists the cementations “corridor” that links the banks of the river. The water passes above this and when its impetus is not big, the passage is possible. The effort to pass was successful and we had much fun!

We returned to the village Krios, in order to continue to Dikea, the big village of the municipality. The way was graphic and beautiful. Unfortunately, the weather began to spoil, forcing us to wear the raincoats. Afterwards Dikea, we followed the national street that led to the frontier station of Ormenio (14km). In the installations of customs, in the old days existed an area of briefing on the sights of Evros. Unfortunately in our days it has been abandoned! Perhaps the persons in charge should re-consider, while they are not few people (mainly Balkan) that they prefer Ormenio in order to visit our country.

We left the more northern road point of our country and directed to the village Petrota. About 6km afterwards the frontier station, we left the national network and followed the provincial street in astonishing scenery. After 7km. we entered in the central square of Petrota, where it dominates the statue of the villager-miller. The village allocates a cylinder mill that the local have changed in a museum. Unfortunately it was closed. In near distance - but with earth-road - the region entertains a windmill and a dam.

We continued to Pentalofo (8km). The natural landscape was equally impressive. The street was narrow and allocated enough comfortable turns. In the village Kamara (8km) we followed the labelling to Orestiada and little afterwards met the plate to Therapeio - Milea. We passed beside the dam and the narrow street led to a second dam, of the river Ardas, as earlier we had crossed the village Therapeio (7km.)

We led side by side the river, crossing in order to lead to small border village of Milea (3km). The way stopped in the village that it abstained less than 1000m from the Greek-Bulgarian borders. We returned to the dam and made a few minutes stop for coffee. We passed Ardas, via the bridge and directed to Kyprino (5km). We were found in the node that led (left) to Orestiada and (right) for Didimoticho. We turned right and little after, we met the plate for Mikri Doxipara (5km). Our map, even if new, it had enough inaccuracies and did not portray the particular way.

We followed a beautiful way via villages Mikri, Megali Doxipara (3km), Chandras (4km) in order to lead to Valtos (6km). In the region is found a relatively new, appreciable archaeological excavation (region Chelidonas), that deserves to visit. The time was 6pm and the site was closed.

We continued to Orestiada (20km) in a rather incurious flat way. In the city of Orestiada, it tangled us little until we found the street for Didimoticho. After 9km. we met the node to Sofiko. We led for 7km to a beautiful way until we met the Byzantine tower of Pythio that magnetizes the look of the visitor. The colours of the sunset - despite the clouds- created an impressive aesthetic result! Before we leave the village, we visited the old wooden railway station that referred in other seasons…

It had begun to get dark, when we took the road to Didimoticho (7-8km) and next to Feres (65km). Thus we completed our last way at our stay in Evros. Before I come, the impression that I had, it was that the region was flat without interesting ways. After the excursions that we realised, I can - with certainty - say that beyond the national network Alexandroupoli - Orestiada, Evros allocates a lot of beautiful and scenic provincial ways. The sights are many and each corner hide beauties that combine different cultures. Sure is that I will revisit the region in the future…