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Veria - ski center Seli - Agios Nikolaos Naousa - ski center 3-5 Pigadia - Naousa - Orma - Pozar baths - Thesaloniki

Trip Details

Date: Sat, 07/04/2012
Distance: 300km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Achilleas
Photographers: Manolis, Achilleas
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

On the occasion of my visit in Kozani, with Achilleas we arranged to wander in the mountainous region of Vermion Mountain and if the weather allowed us to visit also the Paiko Mountain. The appointment was in Veria, as it suited us both, me from Kozani, and Achilleas from Thessaloniki. The weather was good and we decided to try to visit the ski resorts “Seli” and “3-4 Pigadia”.

Initially, we followed a beautiful route that went up -gradually- hypsometrically that was crossing forested land. Unfortunately this time the trees had not bloomed yet. However, the scenery was spectacular and in many places the trail offers spectacular views. Shortly after the village of Vermio, we turned left and leading to a stunning landscape with dense vegetation, approached the village Seli, located just before the Ski Center. From the little wandering on it, I found a mild tourist development without affecting the environment. It had beautiful wood and stone houses, guest houses and some shops that were closed due to the non-operation of the ski center. The place bustles with life during the winter months. However, its beauty highlights of each season!

We left Seli and moving west we went down hypsometrically to Naoussa. At some point and then, we could see a panoramic view of the city. About 3-4 km before the town of Naoussa, we followed a narrow road that led in Agios Nikolaos (=St. Nicholas), who frequently visits Achilleas. This is an impressively designed space, in tall trees. It was the perfect place to drink the first coffee of the day, next to the bed of a rushing stream. The place is chosen as a recreation area by the local residents. We sat for a while and we enjoyed some moments of relaxation.

We left Agios Nikolaos to go to the Ski Center of "3-5 Pigadia." The uphill road ran through a wooded area to reach the ski center. Due to the season it was almost deserted. The slopes had enough snow yet it had been closed. We made a short stop before we take the road towards the nearby village of Saint Paul. The map showed us that there was a road that could take us in the village of Ano Grammatiko. We felt it was best to ask for it and then it turned out that we did well... In one of the hostels that we asked, we were informed that this was a dirt road that was closed by the snow this season. This changed our plans and we had to go back to Naoussa almost the same route (15 km).

We crossed the city following the direction to Skydra (20km). Before we leave the city of Naoussa we made a stop at the impressive waterfalls. Because of the many rains, it was very impetuous, creating a unique sight!
The road to the town of Skydra, and its follow until Aridea, crossed a flat area with no particular interest. It was comfortable and the miles went by quickly. The only negative point was that the weather had started to rot and especially in the direction that we were heading things seemed more ominous. Arriving in Aridea we thought it was better to change our plans for the mountain trail on Mount Paiko (through the villages of Exaplatanos - Skra), as the weather seemed that it would be very bad there. Achilleas proposed to visit the Baths of Pozar, for which I had heard the best.

The time had come 4pm. and already our stomachs were starting to complain. Achilleas knew the place for the occasion: the village Orma, who abstained 10km. from Aridea. This is a very pretty village with a picturesque square, which hosts taverns, with not only local delights. We sat at one of these and our choice was very successful! I must give my regards to Achilleas!!!

Our last destination of the day was the impressive Baths of Pozar. In a wooded area, there are sources of hot and cold water. Many people prefer part-winter and summer - for these spas. They have built several sites for the convenience of visitors, such as house, shops, cafe, restaurant, swimming pools artificial and natural. With a small fee (2-4 €) you can use the baths by choosing hot or cold water. Unfortunately we were not equipped for it. Achilleas though, promised me that we will soon revisit the place for a “swim”! The site also features waterfalls that fascinate the visitor. After we took several photos, we sat to enjoy a coffee in the cafeteria, before returning to Thessaloniki (140km approx.).

At 8pm. We were at the entrance of Thessaloniki, with destination the home of  Chopper Club Hellas (Thessaloniki), which was the celebration of its 19th birthday. The cousin Mimis had invited us and we did not want to spoil his mood. We met with several guys of the club, under the sounds of rock music and beer... The time had arrived 1am, when we returned home. It was a busy day so I did not understand how it passed... We saw so much, met many people... and all this with reference to the bike!