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6th Annual Hellenic Meeting for Friends and Members of the MotoRiders Club

Event Details

The 30-31th of October was a date we all waited with great impatience. Either we had not meet a long time, or the most of us came in these meetings and also one more reason is the guys that hosted us in the village (it’s name is Kleisoura), Giorgos and Stergiani.

I arrive Friday evening in the village and I had in mind the incredible map that Giorgos had made to find the house and laugh at each reference point. Arriving home I saw a beautiful sight from the outside that I do not get bored ever, all machines lined up, in side of the house could be heard laughing and shouting. Entering I met George, Stergiani, Panos, Apostolis, Manolis, Takis with Chara, Achilleas with Triada, Vangelis with Lena, Dimitris, Vangelis T. and Michalis  (with the opportunity to welcome him to our club). They welcomed me and immediately began to chat. The evening flowed beautifully with plenty of drink, food and warm friends until early morning.

Saturday morning before we could open our eyes, Nikos just arrived. After a delicious breakfast of Stergiani, with our ally the wonderful weather we decided to go for excursions to the Acheron River. We took the route to Preveza and turn right at the village of Archangellos, driving substantially parallel to the main coastal road of Preveza - Igoumenitsa, in the village Glyki. We crossed a beautiful route that enabled us to enjoy our machines.

Shortly before the village we turn right to the source of the river Acheron and driving alongside the river we stop to enjoy this wonderful landscape. The luxuriant vegetation stood up in the river, which was downloading a large volume of water. In the past we revisit the place, of course, another season, but were equally impressive.

It was time for a coffee and sat at a cafe in the area. At that moment came and Giorgos Z. with Anna, closing the cycle of friends who would attend. For our return we chose the coastal route that is beautiful too, as you drive looking at the endless blue of the Ionian Sea.

Arriving home we lit charcoal urgently, because the hunger was unbearable. After another reach meal came the biggest moment of the evening, watching the prezentation's DVD of the journey of Giorgos and Stergiani in Europe and the journey of Vangelis, Lena Giorgos Z and Sakis in the Balkans. It is one of those moments when you say you are glad you are a member of this club, especially since the inspiration and creation of Giorgos made us die laughing to tears, again. The comments and the fun gave and took all night until we found ourselves in the arms of Morpheus (= the god of sleep).

Sunday morning after a morning coffee was the time for farewell. Other left for Kalamata, Salonica, Pyrgos, others to Athens. This company is a great puzzle from all over Greece. It makes your heart break as you leave from these meetings, because I feel that not only meet some guys with the same passion, traveling with the motorbike, but good friends that will always have its door of its house open. The truth is that the purpose of this meeting was succeeded.

Finally, thanks to Giorgos, Stergiani and Michalis for their warm hospitality. The guys submitted their soul to us not to miss anything. Until next time...


Motorcyclist : Giorgos, Manolis, Apostolis, Nikos, Vangelis, Dimitris, Panos T., Vangelis T., Michalis, Sakis, Achilleas, Giorgos Z., Takis

Copilots : Stergiani, Anna, Lena, Triada, Chara

Photos : Manolis, Giorgos, Panos T.

Written by Sakis

Tranlation: Sakis