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Live show at internet radio

Event Details

On Saturday, October 15, 2011, Nikos honored us by hosting us at his live internet radio broadcast named " When you go out of helmets". The broadcast was out of schedule because normally broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday 20.00-22.00.

On the occasion of the marriage of a member of the Motoriders Club, Achilleas, we found ourselves in beautiful Thessaloniki to participate in this happy moment of our friend. There we found the opportunity and we arranged a meeting to talk with the radio producers from In this meeting participated Giorgos Z, Stratos and Manolis.

In a very friendly atmosphere, while listening to good music, we had the opportunity to discuss various travel and motorcycle issues and share experiences from trips we have made, and for our future travel plans.

At this point, we would like to thank Nikos and MotoRadioStation for their hospitality. Enjoy the beautiful effort! We, as motorcyclists, it is very important to support such efforts since this radio station is one of the few
-perhaps the only- available motorcycling character which shows all kinds of motorcycling.

Have good travels our friends...

Written by Manolis Translation: Ragas


Click hereto listen the show