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Kayakoy – Oludeniz – Tlos – Saklikent Kanyon – Pinara - Xanthos – Patara – Kas

Trip Details

Road Trip 2012 I
Date: Thu, 28/06/2012
Distance: 185km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Giorgos Z, Stratos
Photographers: Manolis, Giorgos Z, Stratos
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Stratos
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

The program of this day -or at least what we wanted to do- had not so many kilometers, so we were more relaxed. The breakfast time started at 9pm. so because of this the departure time would be more.

At 11pm we left with first destination Oludeniz (= dead sea). Turks considering this area as one of the best summer destinations, becaause of its beautiful beach. Perhaps the most characteristic of this beach is its shape, as a narrow piece of land enters the sea, forming a unique landscape. We arrive after a short time driving period as the place is about 5-6km. from Kayakoy.

Unfortunately we quickly realize that it is a highly developed tourist resort. It giving the impression that he had become a foreign "colony." Everywhere there were signs in English. Despite the great tourist development there was not distasteful buildings. Thankfully locals have conserved the local architecture. Wanting to take some photos, we moved to the east side of town that providing a beautiful view of the beach and bay.

Our next destination was the Saklikent canyon. We follow the signs to Kas in order to move to canyon. When we arrived at main road we saw a sign that informing about the direction of our destination. We had to drive for about 25 km. on a narrow second road crossing some small villages. We continued in this direction until we met the brown sign for ancient Tlos.

The ancient Tlos is 4km. away from the intersection. We decided to visit it. Following a narrow uphill path, in many places the road was not the best, we approached the site. We hadn’t much time to spend so we didn’t walk inside the ancient city but only we have a look around it, the provision of the city gave us this opportunity. The area of ancient Tlos is a attraction, with many interesting sightseers (Lycian / Roman ruins tombs, stadium, gymnasium, baths, Byzantine churches), and also offers a panoramic view of the river Esen (Xanthos) valley. Tlos Acropolis was used by the pirate Kanli Ali Aya (bloodthirsty Ali) as a base. We took some pictures and moved close to some tombs.

Our next destination was the Saklikent Kanyon (16km). The route, as we approached the canyon was even more beautiful, forest with pine trees cover the mountains Giobe and Dagi. There was lots of small taverns along the street their owners greet us wanting to invite us to their taverns. Almost in all the decoration was common: cushions and low tables looking like as oriental fashion, pretty flowers and the water running at various points made the scenery fresher.

Eventually we arrived at the entrance of the canyon. Along the river there were many taverns. There was built on small platforms were-almost-positioned on the water. Again, pillows can drink tea, your coffee or even eat. The room had free places to park. So, having found a shadow-side of a small farm-we took the motorcycle and wore our clothes for something more relaxed.

The entrance (ticket price: 5TL/person) to the canyon is via a narrow passageway. The path is parallel the river, crossing the path you have to move through huge rocks over a special platform. The scenery is spectacular! After a few meters we reached at a plateau that had trees and lots of water coming out from various points of the rocks. If you wanted you could continue even further following destination opposite to the flow of the river. In order to do it you should have special shoes for walking in the water.

Sides of the river are covered by gray mud which gives to the river a corresponding color. To walk one the mud instead the river is not deep needs special effort as-essentially-walks through the mud. Of course, there were some drivers who could (for a fee) go you to a number of beautiful and most special parts of the canyon. Anyway, because we had not special shoes we chosen to stay in the plateau under the trees and enjoy the unique scenery and refreshing.

We departure at 4pm, our next destination was Kas. We thought that there would be a good choice for a night. Previously, however, we wanted to visit the archaeological sites of Pinara and Xanthos, which are important cities of ancient Lycia. Moreover after Oludeniz we had already started to move on the "road of Lycia."

We returned to the main road turning left in the Kadikoy village. In this way we needn’t to come back to the point that we had firstly turn. After a few kilometers, when we saw the sign for Pinara (6km) we turn right. Through a narrow road (4km) we met a second sign (sign were hidden in some bushes). From there starts an uphill road for 2km. The fact that the bikes were loaded made driving very difficult for Stratos and me. In the half of the way we stopped while George continued alone until the end.

The ancient city of Pinara is one of the most important cities of Lycia, located above and around a rock. In the rock there are graves, square holes, sealed after use. Moving on a path with steps you arrive at Acropolis on the rock. George told us that despite the fact that access was a dirt road, the archaeological site had a ticket.

Again through the main street we moved south and after a few kilometers (25km) into a piney landscape, we reached the intersection for Xanthos which is 1km away from the road. The ancient city was the capital of Lycia. Today it is a monument protected by OUNESKO. For this reason we thought it would be something special... Unfortunately most of the exhibits are in the British Museum and Istanbul Museum. In order to visit the site you have to pay 5TL/person. The main attractions are the theater, the column with the Sirens, the sarcophagus and the column with the Lycian / Greek inscriptions which is close to the parking. So we spent some time to look at them and rest a bit.

Again we returned to the main road to Kas. We traveled for a few kilometers until the junction for Patara (8km) The time was approaching 7pm. so we thought we could visit another archeological site. Our choice was finally very good. The sites consist of theater, conservatory, sarcophagi, and others. Patara was the most important harbor of ancient Lycia, but declined due to the silting of the river. The impressive conservatory is restored by a French team of archaeologists. Of course it may seem a little "irrelevant," as it is right next to the theater where there has been no restoration work. Thankfully we was on time and we went inside the conservatory (open till 7pm. / Ticket free)

We departure to Kas (44km) with not having another stop over there. The road became closer to the sea and pines trees disappear. In Kalkan (15km) we made a short visit to the marina, thinking that it would be easy to see the old Greek houses. We met many tourists and many hotels. To found the houses we had to have much patience and time but it was already late so we continued our journey.

A few kilometers further the road followed the coastline overlooking the sea and small islets. On the left stood steep rocks. The way was tortuous with turns making driving enjoyable. It was late and the sun set gave amazing colors in the landscape!

Shortly before Kas, on a corner was a narrow slit on rock. We decided to stop for a while. Then we realized that was just below a beautiful beach called “Kapotas” and-as we learned later, is a well-known attraction. We took some pictures and we stay for a wile to see the amazing view of sea...

At 8pm. we entered the coastal Kas (Antiphellos). It is a tourist developed former fishing village, it is located just across Kastelorizo. In previous times was so poor that some people went across to buy goods. Today it is a summer resort with mild tourist development.

We direct to harbor, where we found someone who accidentally had rooms. That's how we came to Ani Pension-Guesthouse (90TL/triple room + breakfast). We took a bath and then we went for dinner in a traditional tavern which was proposed us. The food was very tasty and relatively inexpensive.

At 11pm we returned to our room and spend some time in the roof. The decoration of the roof was nice and the night view to the harbor and city of Kas was amazing. We spend our time making jokes and we was all of us on very good. We had begun to live more the journey...