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Olbia - Porto Rotondo - Spiaggia Bianca - Porto Cervo - Olbia

Trip Details

Road Trip 2006 III
Date: Fri, 11/08/2006
Motorcyclists: Nikos
Copilots: Despoina
Photographers: Nikos, Despoina
Authors: Nikos
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Friday 11/8/2006

We woke up at 9.30 am and we took our breakfast in the hotel before our departure. We headed to the north side of the island. Driving towards the coast we stopped at Rotondo. It’s a place by the sea, very picturesque and beautiful. Characteristic were the very expensive rooms and the private port. It will worth to visit it, but paying the expenses is something very difficult for the middle Greek, because of the high cost.

Continuing north we reached Spiaggia Bianca. As you can understand by the name, it’s a white (bianca) beach with very clean water. As you can easily understand we stopped in order to take a bath even though the strong wind in combination with the white sand of the beach literally whipped us.

We bearded this torture for a couple of hours and we headed for Porto Cervo, which is a very sophisticated place, where many celebrities are gathered as we were informed. We realized that ourselves when we were there. The houses were built in such way in order to have a view of the area and of course in scenery full of trees.

It’ s port, as expected, was full of luxurious boats of different widths and nationalities. As we realized most of them had the flag of England.

A small alley led to the other end of the village. There were many small but expensive stores that sold clothes of the most famous and expensive firms. In the area there were luxurious restaurants and clubs.

Even though I was very curious to learn the cost of living, I didn’t ask for it. As I estimated possibly reaches 1.000€ per night! “Are you going to rent it or buy it?” I though.

As the sun went down, we returned to Oldia to get some sleep.