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Trip Details

Road Trip 2006 III
Date: Mon, 14/08/2006 to Tue, 15/08/2006
Motorcyclists: Nikos
Copilots: Despoina
Photographers: Nikos, Despoina
Authors: Nikos
Translators: Ragas
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Monday 14/8/2006
We woke up again round 8 o’ clock. The nice weather, the sunning sun and the lack of air gave us the courage to prepare ourselves without delays and visit one of the beaches of the camping.

The camping is perfect for the ones who like surfing. At it’ s entrance it had two beaches that the one was ideal for the ones who just started the sport, while the second one was for the experienced, not to say the ones with great experience. Their characteristic was that when in the one there was wind in the other there wasn’ t.

We enjoyed the sun very much! We ate pizza in one of the beach-bars and we enjoyed our peaceful sleep during the noon without wind. In the afternoon I drank my coffee in the cafeteria with the view of the beautiful beaches of Sardinia, while the sun was going down at the same time it made you think that you are in front of a painting.

During the night I took Despina and we visited Palau to eat and walk in the pedestrinized Street.

Tuesday 15/8/2006
The weather conditions that specific day were the best of the whole trip! I had my breakfast in the cafeteria of the camping and I went to the beach to find Despina that was starting to get a sun burn. We relaxed there. The afternoon we choose once more the port of Palau to eat. In the luxurious hotel I had the impression that we had the most delicious lunch of the trip!

In the square they had organized a concert without much success as I assumed from the participation. We ate an ice-cream from a store that the lady who owned it was speaking a little Greek. After that we returned to the camping that as we learned the directory had prepared some fests because of the day…it was beauty contest for trans! It had a lot of fun. About ten men were dressed like women and competed who would be the best. We had fun until midnight! Unfortunately, we had to get up very early the next day (round 6.30) and we couldn’t stay longer.

As we returned to our tent we realized that our neighbors -a company of three girls and two boys- had forgotten their keys inside their car! Such day, such hour and such place the locksmith will ask them half of the budget of their journey in order to open their car, I thought. We laid down.

From the sieve of the tent I watched them trying to break the lock, gasping. I felt sorry for them and I decided to help. As I looked closely, I saw the one boy of the company trying to open it by doing some alchemies: he had sat in the back side of the car (Lancia Y10) trying with the file to open the trunk -inspired from the movies- while the two girls were sitting next to him holding the pocket torch. “Have you forgotten your keys inside?” I asked them in English. They noted me positively with disappointment and a slight irony.

I spoke to the man who was trying to achieve something with the file and I said to him that continuing like that the most possible ending was that on the one hand the lock would be broken and on the other he would have to call the locksmith,because with that way he couldn’t manage anything! I explained him that the only way was by using a wire in the shape of a lasso trying to pull the handle of the driver’ s door. If of course he had the chance to pass it through the fissure.

He looked at me and he said something in Italian that made the rest laugh, ironically I should say...”Ok, you have found the man,” I thought. I asked them to bring me a wire. They were lucky and found one. I shaped a small lasso and started trying with all the rest being on the top and watching me, and Despina in the role of the interpreter “I made it three times to the fond, but I didn’t drink water!!!” It was very hard to reach the spot and it was very far, while the wire was short and soft. After I tried for about twenty minutes the hole got the door. Everybody were astonished! At the moment people started to applaud, while the door hadn’t already opened. The release came when they pulled the wire with the wanted result.

“Italians, I made a full of you”, I said inside me. Italy- Greece 0-1. The guys thanked us a million times expressing their gratitude with every way. In fact they offered us everything they had… coniak, sweets and drinks. We thanked them and kindly told that the next day we had to get up early. We were already late (but I regret it).