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Avignon - Arles - Marseille

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Sun, 17/08/2008
Distance: 131 km
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: George
Translators: Sakis, George
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


Early the next morning we left from the hotel with destination Avignon . We had certain hours in our disposal until to do check-out from hotel.

In the light of the day the landscape was perfectly otherwise. It was opened a tower city, that it travelled us in other seasons. We left the bike in the historical centre, this time, and walked to the palace of Pope.

Reaching in the courtyard place, we saw the building of palace raising imposing in front of us, with its two characteristic towers. Beside is a church with the statue of Virgin Mary, above the roof. We advanced to the taller part of castle. From the back side, you can see the river, that crosses the city. There is found also a old bridge , that stops in the middle of the river, because it had been demolished in some war.

Early the midday we returned in the hotel and prepared for departure. Next overnight stay was in Marseille . While the kilometres we should cover, were not many, we made a small bypass to Arles, which abstained from Avignon 40 km .

Entering in the city ,you have the impression, you were found  in Spain, while all are related with bullfights and arena . We  parked in one narrow street in front of the arena and began a small tour in the around region. That period became a festival with bullfights and other cultural events . We walked in the small grade by  the arena and we reached in a square, where they are assembled coffee shops and restaurants . We sat in a cafeteria for the essential coffee, having as view the back side of the arena. When we return to the bike ,we observed in the city that functions a museum of VAN GOGH.

Leaving for Marseille , we should, cover 91 km . The landscape does NOT offer something separate, henceforth it had begun and was  near the Greek landscapes, at the afternoon we reached in Marseille. And there , as choice of overnight stay, we had the IBIS hotel, to 62,80 euro for night, without breakfast . It made us negative impression, while entered in the city, the excessive traffic.

At the afternoon, we took the subway, its stop was found a few metres from the hotel ,and we went down in the old harbour . The assembled persons was many and was intense the presence of arabic element. The colours of the sunset that fell on the old buildings, made the picture unique. We walked in a side of the harbour and we reached in the back side of the castle and we enjoyed the sunset, that made the atmosphere intensely orange . Behind us in the depth of the road, dominated a enormous church . We went there, when we were reaching near, this creation  was indeed imposing. We arose again in the old harbour and we sat in one of the restaurants  that exists at its length . I would characterize it clearly tourist.

Because the last itinerary of the subway finishes in 12:00, obligatorily we returned in the hotel. Without we anticipate to see many things from Marseille, I would say that left us good impressions.