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Nice - Monaco

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Tue, 19/08/2008
France, Monaco
Distance: 52 km
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: George
Translators: Sakis, George
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


From Golf Juan, in Cannes, we left before 09:00 in the  morning. The plan for this day, included initially visit in Nice and after stay in Monaco. The distance ,we should cover was only 35  kilometres . We followed the coastal road and in half hour we were found in the city of Nice.

Entering in Nice becomes immediately perceptible the human character of this city. The beach is organised, clean and it is used for swimming . At its length it exists the velodrome. The address that we put in the gps, led us to commercial centre of the city.  In the way of the city, we observed  lot of new modern buildings but also older buildings, excellent maintained.  We found the historical centre. A lot of small squares are created between the tally old buildings. We left the bike in some square and we began to walk between the small streets, that are created by buildings. Initially we walked in a street, that exist a lot of shops with commemorative gifts. After coming out from this street, we went to the fountain with Buddhas. Concrete is a fountain with depictions, figures of mythology. Beside was opened a big square where also there existed a moderner fountain and beside a green thicket. We again turned to a narrow road, where the people were many. We entered in a cathedrical church and it made us impression the enormous ecclesiastical body. We continued the walk in the around region and at the midday,we turned in the place where we had left the bike .When we left from the square ,we went up in a hill above the city. There exists a castle. From the particular point appears all Nice in your legs.

We admired the splendid view and began for Monaco. In the way ,in the right side, unfolded Cot d Azure . Almost beside in the city of Nice and  covers only 17 kilometres, we reached in Monaco. The hotel  we closed was the NOVOTEL, for 129 Euros the night, with breakfast. When Stergiani made check-in and got the baggage, I went the bike in the parking of the hotel. The parking had five floors ,it was spotless and i met any model of luxurious car you had dreamed. I turned in the hotel and we went up the baggage in the room. The room had view in area of the Palace.

Later, we decided to leave from the room and wander in the streets of Monaco. In Monaco it exists different buildings, you can see the old classic houses and beside the modern skyscrapers. As we were moving in the streets of city at some time we reached in the street that leads to the Palace . There, one police officer stopped and said to us that it is not allowed the entry for the tourists but only for the local people . We left therefore and decided we do the circle of F1. We reached in the starting line and began the way. Unfortunately certain departments of the way were closed because of roadwork. Thus therefore we left the bike somewhere near to the harbour and we began to do the tour on foot. We passed under the tunnel of the hotel and turned right to the casino. There we met the known hairpin, the casino’s turn . We went up  and directed to the entry of the casino. We stood there for a little time where was also other people gathered. Luxurius automotive older and modern pulled the attention. We tried to find a table in Cafe de Paris, but uselessly because the people were too much. We left from the entry  of the casino and we were found in the roof of the hotel, that passes the tunnel from above. This space has been changed in park with grass and palms as well  in space of quartering. A plate more there showed that allowed to the casino  all the vehicles except the motorcycles. We went on roof and we admired harbour, under the colours of the sunset.

We turned in the hotel, we wore something more official and then we moved to the casino. We had heard that it was not allowed the entry ,if  we were not decently dressed . With the simple clothes they allowed us to enter in the first room with slog machines. There we tried our chance and gained the unbelievable sum of 7,5 Euros. Beside from the big casino of Monte-Carlo , exists also one other smaller, where the entry is allowed in all. The lights had turned on in the city and gave in the landscape unique beauty. Having the anniversary of our marriage, we sate in a restaurant, which we saw the harbour of the city, giving a more official character in the time . After a romantic dinner we turned in the hotel.

We liked Monaco. I do not know if it is objectively beautiful . In any case we left from there with beautiful pictures.

The next day we left France and entered  in Italy. Next city Genova.