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Innsbruck - Salzburg

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Sun, 10/08/2008
Distance: 193 klm
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: George
Translators: Stergiani
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


Following the road E45 and after 28 km we reached Innsbruck. We went to the centre of city. It was Sunday morning and all the people was walking in the streets of city.

We left the bike and we began to walk in the centre of old town. Innsbruck is constituted by old buildings, which are amazing .The city is clean and everywhere dominate the color .We walk among small roads  until we reach the centre of city. Everywhere you see Baroque elaborate buildings. In the central square and in the balcony of the town hall , one band was played classic music and lot of people was around .We went to a coffee place nearby in order to enjoy the spectacle. After we went around small streets and squares of Innsbruck. Alpes are raised imposingly above the city.

We left from Innsbruck having a pleasant impression. Next station Salzburg.

Having as choice in the GPS the reject of national roads we moved  in provincial street [B]171. The road that we selected would pass through St Johann in Tirol. The total distance up to Salzburg was 165 kilometres. The province of Austria is magic. We went up in green hills, we crossed valleys, we enjoyed splendid Alpine landscape.Lot of bikers did the same.

Late , at the afternoon, we reach Salzburg. We had close a room in hotel IBIS, 64 euro for the night without breakfast. We unloaded the bagage from the bike, we went up in the room, we reconstructed aur stergnth , and we went down for the first  walk in the city.

It was afternoon when we pass the bridge of the river and found the old city. Along the river it exists a  pavement and a velodrome and by the time we arived we saw a bazar that it was finised. Following the flow of the people we began to move  in small streets with direction to the centre. The city clean and full of light was a  unique picture, whith the old buildings around.The labels of the  shops, made so, that they suit with the aesthetics of buildings without ruining the balance. We were walking around when we arive in  front of the house, in which Motsard was born and now is a museum . Beaucuse  the hour was late we could not visit it .Following the walk, lead to the central square of city, in which reconstraction works was taken place .We sat in a tavern underground with traditional cook and we enjoyed local foods. When we left the tavern , it was already night  .We return where we left the bike and we took pictures of the city whith all the ligthts on.The litted up yellow building next to  river gave unique pictures in the lens of our photographic camera.