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Sibiu - Jina - Transalpina Road - Lacul Tau - Lacul Vidra

Trip Details

Road Trip 2015
Date: Sun, 09/08/2015
Distance: 124km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Stratos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Elias
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

We got up at 9am. Perhaps it was a little late for the trip data, but that day’s schedule did not have many kilometers. We had decided to stay somewhere in Vidra lake, which essentially signaled the middle of TransAlpina Road. I remember when we drove for first time this road, and having seen numerous people who had camped freely in the area, I had promised myself that I would do something similar, the next time we would visit the place. Before starting the journey, when we made a rough schedule with Stratos,  I proposed it and he agreed with me. This was the reason I carried with me the tent and all the accessories.

We went to eat the admittedly rich breakfast of the hotel and then walking the main street to the square Piata Mare, we went to the supermarket for supplies for our upcoming camp. Stratos had the idea to take meat and charcoal to roast. The problem was how to keep them fresh until the noon. We had to find ice cubes in order to make a makeshift refrigerator. In vain ... Neither ice nor did coals exist, so there was no reason to buy meat. The last few days I noticed that some gas stations were selling ice bags and charcoal. We decided to first find it and then buy meat.

We left the beautiful Sibiu guided by signs for Sebes. At the first OMV gas station we met (they usually have minimarket) bought fuel, ice and coals. Stratos bought a newspaper with which he wrapped the ice for heat protection. And now, our aim was to find a butcher.

We continued to Sebes and at Salista village, turned left, entering the village. Our friend Romanian motorcyclist Mihai proposed to follow the path Salista - Jina, as these villages are very beautiful and picturesque and are considered among the richest in the country. We felt that it was worth to visit.

Covering few meters in the village, we were lucky. A small convenience store, shelling from candies to women's underwear in baskets, was open and had frozen meats. Of course our choice was «mici». This famous Romanian burgers that Romanians sell and eat a lot. It is the food trade of their tours when they make outdoor bbq, by serving them with mustard. We purchased some beers and soft drinks, while the only problem now was that we did not have a baking rack ... but something we would find for. Stratos packed the stuff in makeshift fridge and we continued our journey.

The route up to meet the main portion of TransAlpina Road that linked  Sebes with Novaci, was very beautiful! Despite the fact that the road was relatively narrow and not in such good condition driving was enjoyable as it crossed an area with rich vegetation and some beautiful villages, best of which was Jina. The colorful houses along the road, with the traditional architecture and the churches with conical roofs really impressed us! Sometimes it felt likebeing in a country of Central Europe.

After about 30 km we reached the junction of Transalpina Road coming from the Sebes. We turned left, following the sign for Novaci (119chlm). We were now on the main axis of this road which crosses from north to south the mountains of the region. The road condition, and its engrave was so good that offered an unparalleled driving pleasure. You couldn’t choose what was best: the street or landscape??? The towering trees and the river Sebes gave a special charm! We drove elated!

After a few kilometers we met the first lake formed by the dam on the river Sebes. The lake called Lacul Tau and unsurprisingly we stopped to admire the landscape and take some photos.

A little further was a restaurant. As we passed by we saw several parked motorcycles, so we thought it would be a good idea for a short stop. The terrace restaurant had view to a part of the lake. The truth is that all these days traveling to Romania, we had seen few motorcycles, except the salt mine of Salina Turda. In Transalpina Road things were different ... Numerous motorcyclists, locals and foreigners had chosen to make this beautiful journey! In the restaurant we stopped we met groups of motorcyclists drinking their coffee. We did the same.

The time was 3.30pm when we continued our journey. The reason we drove so few kilometers and the time had passed, was our delayed departure from Sibiu and the delays for shopping and stop for coffee. We continued in the same pattern road while the scenery was getting more impressive. As we made a stop to set up something to the camera, Stratos saw a rock whose structure was such that he could remove a flat stone slab ... it would be our barbecue rack! So he removed a huge piece 40x20cm and loaded it on the motorcycle!

Soon we reached the second lake Lacul Oasa, which is greater than the first, and at a higher altitude! The road moves around and at some points, small bridges offers panoramic view.

Continuing, the route climbs to 1700 meters and then descends again to the point that is the main junction of Transalpina Road. The options to move: east (towards Voienasa), west (to Petrosani) and south (towards Novaci) are given at that point to you. We would stay for the night in the area and the next day we would move south. So we started looking for a place to set up the tent. We did not want to be in crowds. Since our last visit there were built more rooms, so the free campers had moved more peripherals.

We decided to move west and especially towards the Vidra lake in order to see the place. Once we arrived at the lake, we noticed that at the opposite side of it were some tents, about 4-5. The lake level was lowered, creating enough space up to the zone that the forest begins. A gravel road was leading there.

We returned a few hundred meters backwards, to the point that we met a dirt road. It seemed passable despite some mud potholes at the beginning- and we decided to follow him. Covering 4-5km relatively easily, we arrived in the area that we saw from the opposite side of the lake. With a quick search, we found a nice place to set up the tent and started our installation.

The view of the lake was incredible! The landscape calms you! We set up the tent and Stratos began preparing food. He lit the coals and placed the stone slab that he took from the cliff, over the fire in order to make a barbecue. After an hour the meat was ready and well done. The meat was escorted with mustard and cheese and I can say that was one of the most delicious meals we had on the trip!!!

With conversation the time passes enjoying the scenery changing as the sun was setting and the stars began to fill the sky. At 10.30 we entered the scene as the cold began to make its presence stronger... Before sleep, I was thinking that these changes in our trip made it more and more interesting, despite the fact that most of the places we visited, I had seen them before