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Ioannina - Plaka - Kataraktis - Matsouki - Sirako

Trip Details

Trips inside Epirus
Date: Sat, 10/04/2004
Distance: 192 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

At Easter vacations, we decided to visit Epirus again.
This time we chose a south course and especially to visit the west site of Tzumerka mountain. We recommend this beautiful route however; we must inform anyone with a street bike that the road at some places does not have asphalt. Anyway, you should follow that route since there are many rivers, canyons, mountaintops, stone and military bridges.
You can do the route either as we did or the other way around however one think is sure that you have to start early in the morning at 09:00 in the morning form Ioannina since although the distance is only 200km the road is full of bends and in many places the road surface is not good. In addition, you will drive in different altitudes and you will meet many canyons in the way. Finally, you will find Sirako which is at a high altitude.
Living Ioannina take the road to Arta and at the interjection of Mpafra turn left. After passing Mpafra you will find an interjection and take the route for ‘Kalentzi’. After Kalentzi you will see Araxthos river and you will meet a metallic bridge which leads to Plaka village. Before the end of Plaka village, you will see a sign leading to the bridge of Plaka which is made up from rock. The area there is magnificent.
Our next destination was the village Kataraktis. After few kilometres from Plaka you will meet am interjection where the right direction leads to the village and the left one leads to Sirako. In order to go to the waterfall that exists in the village Kataraktis you can go from the village and then at the tourist kiosk you will see the waterfall. However, this route it is not good since you have to travel through a dirty road surface for a big distance. The alternative way is through the village ‘Aganta’ but you will travel more kilometres and you will meet again dirty road but in better condition than the previous route. The choice is yours. In any event, you should visit the waterfall since the view is magnificent there. It is about a waterfall 50 meters tall where you can go very close to it. Near the waterfall, there is a cafe with a great view.
Our next stop was the Matsouki village. After the Pramanta village you will see a sign which leads to the Matsouki village. You should keep in mind that you should remember the route since you should return in order to continue your travel. Matsouki is a small and isolated village. It is built on the mountain’s slope and has a beautiful view. There is also a waterfall above the village’s bridge.
Our last destination was the Sirako village. It is about a tradional village built on the top of a mountain while there is a canyon whci act as a physical border with the village Kalarites. In case you want to stay there, there are many hostels. There are 2 ways to enter the village. Reaching the village you can choose the downhill route but only on foot and then enter the village or you can choose the uphill route and at the village’s entrance, you should leave your car outside since cars are not allowed inside the village.
There are might be gildings at the route that we described so it is better to go there when the weather conditions are good. Although the difficulties we recommend this route.