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Metsovo - Milia

Trip Details

Trips inside Epirus
Date: Sat, 26/03/2005
Distance: 164 km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Manolis, Panos, Christos, Ploumisti
Copilots: Monica
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Second day in Ioannina city. Our destination was the village of Metsovo and the lake of sources of Aoou that is find a few kilometers after Metsovo and is amazing, as our friend Ploumisti said. The weather was confusing, changing from cloudy to sunshine. The road up to Metsovo is around 60 kilometers, with open turns but the road surface does not allow you to drive fast with safety... After a while, we saw the first snow covering the side of the road.
Reaching Metsovo, we decided to visit first the lake of sources of Aoou and then to return to Metsovo. We continued, while the snow-white landscape was reality! Amazing!!! We continued trying to imagine the picture of the lake... without however considering the surprise that was waiting for us...
As soon as we reached the crossroad of the national road and the road that led to the lake, we realized that the street was covered with snow! No passage! It seems like nobody thought necessary to open up the road, since there is no village in this area.... Therefore, the only thing we could do was just to take some photos of the landscape and play a little with the snow!
Then, we decided to visit the village Milia that is on the way to Egnatia Road. It is a small and graphic village by the river. In the entry of the village, you turn left, passing an iron bridge in order to the centre of small village. By the bridge it exists nerotrjvi' for the residents of village. We made a stop for a while, and began to continue the way to Metsovo.
Metsovo is a destination of many of our previous excursions. Nevertheless it is one of the parts of Greece where never get bored of to revisit. It is a traditional village with rich history, many tourists nowadays, without losing, of course, its picturesque ness. We directed ourselves in the central square so that we find somewhere to eat... that was not difficult, as many Greek taverns, restaurants are around. Due to the national holiday, the village was full of people and cars from Athens, Thessaloniki and all the major cities. After we ate, we made a small walk around the square, ride our motorbikes and took the road to return to Ioannina.
We next stopped at an amazing cafeteria with a beautiful view of the city and the lake of Ioannina... The name is “Grammatosimo” (stamp, in English). We visit this place every time we pass from Ioannina... We propose it also to you!