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Arachova - Parnassos ski centre - Eptalofo - Polydroso - Cheronia (Parnassos Tour)

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Sun, 20/09/2009
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 415 km.
Motorcyclists: Sakis, George Z., Vangelis, Apostolis, Panos T., Vangelis T.(Triumph Tiger)
Photographers: Panos T.
Authors: Apostolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

Afterwards the summer holidays, the planning of the first excursion of the new “season”, it was natural to be the subject of the discussion of the first automnal meeting of MRC. Therefore it was decided to become the first Sunday that the weather would allow us while the first rain this year made already perceptible its presence from the first Weekend of September. This day was not much late to come while Sunday, 20 Sep 09, seemed to be the ideal day for a ride with our bikes according to the bulletin of the weather which forecasted clouded over, but without rain. Thus Sakis proposed to do the tour of the mountain Parnassos and it found accordingly the remainder members of our moto team.

The appointment was given in the 9.45am in the first tolls of National road Athens - Lamia. There were met Sakis, Vangelis, Panos, Apostolis and Giorgos Z. which came from Nafplio the previous day in order to come with us. Our company completed Vangelis T. which participated for the first time in our excursion with his motorcycle Triumph Tiger. After we exchanged our first conversations, we began for our first kilometres in the monotonous National road.

The way in the national road did not have any interest, apart from the fact that in the height of Thebes we met the manufacture of new tolls which caused also our intense dissatisfaction. After we passed it, we came out from the national road in the node of Kastro and we continued in the provincial street to Arachova.

We made our first stop in the beautiful town of Arachova that constitutes one from the most famous wintry destinations of Greece. There we drank our first coffee in the square and we got dressed with the hotter clothes, while the cold had begun to become perceptible, because of the hypsometric difference. Next it was the visit in the ski centre of Parnassos, one from the most popular destinations everywhere prospective skier. Give particular attention in the street to the Ski centre, while the paving of the road are in bad condition and it has enough potholes that render the control with the bike exceptionally difficult. After we went up in the ski centre, we took certain photographs and we saw mercury touching upon the 13 degrees of Celsius.

Next it had the road to Eptalofo through an amazing way where they vary the fir, the pine, the cedar and water sources! The northern side of Parnassos is really impressive, while is green all around and the landscape enchanting! The paving is in good condition. Attention however in the beginning of this way, while when you go down from the ski centre, it has fog and the paving is slippery for certain kilometres. After we exceeded the obstacle of fog, we continued the all around green way at length of which we saw popping up new buildings that from their structure appear that they intended for rented rooms. The region thus knows big tourist blossoming particularly at the wintry months, because the adjacent ski centre.

Next stop we made in a very beautiful and graphic village of Eptalofo. We sate in a tavern where we also ate. Whoever visits Eptalofo it deserves to see the small waterfall of the village that is found certain metres on the left of the tavern “Platania” in the square of the village!

After we ate we continued to Polydroso. There we directed to the central square of the village. In its centre dominates the church of Dormition of Virgin Mary and all around there are graphic shops under the shade of beautiful planes. A very beautiful village which constituted a reason for our next stop for coffee before the street of return!

After we drank our coffee, we began the street of return to Cheronia, homeland of Ploytarchou. There, in the entry of the village, it dominates the imposing statue of Lion of Cheronia that reminds the deadly battle of the 338 B.C. that finished with decisive importance victory of Macedonians, considered as starting line of their sovereignty in southern Greece. It constitutes a good attitude for whoever wants to take a photograph with this imposing stone statue.

Passing Cheronia we turn left in order to reach in the National Road where we would also make the last kilometres of our excursion. Last stop we made in the tolls of Afidnon where we greeted each other and wished also good continuity in our friend Giorgos Z. who would continue up to Nafplio.