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Mesologi saltlake - Trichonida lake

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Sat, 08/01/2011
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 710km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Stratos, Nikos T., Giannis T.
Photographers: Sakis
Authors: Sakis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

On the way back from this one-day ride I had in my mind the expression "Whatever glitters is not gold or diamonds, but ...». Everything started from the call of my friend Stratos that wished me a happy new year. He suggested to me "Come to the lake Trichonida it is very nice. "

The area of Aitoloakarnania I had heard that it was worthwhile, and I always wanted to go, but I only rode through hastily. Finally it was time to explore it. So we arranged an appointment in Saturday morning at 8am, in the first toll of Eleusis just outside Athens, I met there Nikos T. (Suzuki V strom) and Giannis T. (Suzuki V strom).

We started our trip at a fast pace to catch up on the day, after the winter it gets dark early, but we had first to cross the damn highway of Athens - Patras. At that time, and as shown for some time, there is everywhere works, so the driving was done with great care!
We crossed the bridge of Rio - Antirion continued to Mesolongi and at the regional of the city we had an appointment with Stratos (Suzuki - V strom) and we went for the first coffee of the day in the city center.

The proposal was to see the lagoon of Mesolongi and then do a tour of the Lake Trichonida. So it happened, we got back to the regional of the city with direction the coastal road and we found the plate to the island of Tourlida.

Tourlida is one of the islands of the lagoon, 3.5 km away from Mesolongi. Since 1885, the politician Trikoupis joined the island to the town by road through the lagoon, created by the excavation for the construction of the port.

At the island originally anchored the ships, before the harbor was constructed, and from there the water becomes very shallow. The route from the city to Tourlida is certainly beautiful. Visitors can admire the many landscapes of the lagoon until you reach Tourlida which you can swim in the beautiful beach seaward of the Patras Gulf. The island took its name from a bird species that lived there named Tourlida. Also it keeps the curlew and the traditional village with colorful wooden houses, originally used by fishermen, but today many citizens of Mesologi spend their holidays.

After we took some photos, we left the city and we took the road going north, passing the villages Agrilia, Kato Retsina, Ano Kerasovo. The road is quite nice especially when we went downhill and we discerned in the background the lake, the quality of the road moderate with several potholes, vegetation is bushy at the beginning and as we went uphill as more dense with trees of every kind, such as trees, oak, beech, etc.

Arriving in the village of Kato Kerasovo, we were now beside the lake, but we did not have more eye contact. We continued across many lakeside villages and when we passed the village Sitaralona the path began uphill and the view was spectacular. The lake unfolds its unique beauty and as time was passing we became its slaves, just only looking at it. We had a short break and took several pictures.
Subsequently, riding to a spectacular upward spiral path overlooking the lake, we headed to the beautiful town of Thermo. There, we decided to eat at a certain restaurant with local meats and the food was generally very tasty.

Next stop was the village of Varia, birthplace of Stratos and a cafe on the beach of the lake. It was the best time, as the sun was still high and we are enchanted by the relaxing scenery.
There we decided the way back to be on the opposite side to Karpenisi, through the village of Prousos. We left late in the afternoon when the sun was setting and we took the last pictures in a beautiful waterfall in the village of Neromanna.

In the road and just before reaching the village Prousos, it happened something unexpected. In what I referred earlier, that whatever shines on the road is not gold, but the motorcyclist's worst nightmare, ICE! Fortunately we didn’t have an accident, just a little suffering from changing the way back, getting back from where we came.

The area of the Lake Trichonida is extremely impressive, with landscapes and lush vegetation, with tourism infrastructure and as I discovered by warm and hospitable people. Also I realize that one day is not enough, it is needed at least two. Perhaps it is better that way to revisit the place.

Finally I would like to thank Stratos for his exemplary hospitality, and Nikos T. and Giannis T. for their good company!