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Orini Nafpaktia - Kokkinochori

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Thu, 01/08/2002
Sterea Ellada
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Panos
Photographers: Sakis, Panos
Authors: Sakis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

The route we followed included the national road Athens-Patra up to Rio and from Antirio to Nafpaktos and Kokkinohori.
We left from Athens early in the morning. We stopped only for fuel, because of the awful weather. Nevertheless the police close to Akrata was distributing tickets for illegally driving!!!
God bless the friendly motorcyclist from the opposite stream of traffic who notified us for their intention! We go to Rio and join the queue for the ferry in order to pass to Antirrio that means one hour delay without a reason! Passing through Nafpaktos, you will realise that it is a beautiful and fortified city with its castle and walls. Worth to visit for two days! Leaving from Nafpaktos, on the way to Ano Hora, you drive through the mountains and it would be useful to keep a map with you. Passing from Trikorfo and continuing the endless turnings with bad quality of asphalt, we face the beautiful landscape up to the village Limnitsa. After this you turn left and reach Kokkinohori. A beautiful village with panoramic view without infrastructure, therefore it is better to continue for Ano Hora, where you can also stay overnight. Unfortunately we did not visit the lake of Mornos which worth it without hesitation!
The return was much better since we took the way to Galaxidi – Itea – Arahova and a stop at Livadia (of course for souvlaki!) Amazing way with alternations between mountain and sea.