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Highland of Nafpaktia

Trip Details

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Date: Sun, 28/02/2010
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 640km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Giorgos Z.
Photographers: Sakis, Giorgos Z
Authors: Sakis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

It was one from these days where you say that even if it has bad weather, I will go for excursion. With this thought to hang around in my mind, I corresponded immediately in the invitation of Giorgos Z.

Thus, Sunday morning we gave appointment little outside from Athens, with destination highland of Nafpaktia. We early left, after we should cover enough kilometres. The way up to Rio is the acquaintance dangerous, covering the “national road” of Korinthos - Patras that - because of the works - it has become worst. We reached in the beautiful and impressive bridge of Rio - Antirio and after we crossed it, we turned right for Nafpaktos.

Entering in the city of Nafpaktos, you immediately face the castle in the side of the mountain, precisely above the city, it welcomes you. We made the first stop of day in the splendid Venetian small port of the city, drinking a coffee in one of the beautiful shops that allocate. The splendid sun went up particularly our disposal.

Leaving from the city - afterwards from 2-3km. - we met the plates to “Orini Nafpaktia - Ano Chora” and we turned right. The way from there and beyond begins and becomes uphill with amazing view of the Corinthian Gulf.

Then we met the Mornos River that the sources of which are found in the Vardoysia Mountain. Because of the season it flows a lot of water. Afterwards the beautiful village of Limnista the landscape began to change, after we henceforth were found in a big altitude, with the firs dominated. Little before we reach in the village of Elatou, we found a crossroad and we turned left, preferring to take a forestall street - as it was reported in a plate - than to pass through the village, before we reach in the village of Ano Chora.

Our choice was correct after we were found in a splendid landscape, meeting the first snow! The recently manufactured asphalt roadway made our ride enjoyable.

Reaching in the village of Ano Chora, the first picture impresses you while is amphitheatrically built. Walking in its interior you meet beautiful stone alleys, stone built homes and a splendid enormous church. There we made also our second stop for food in one cosy tavern with view of the wider region.

In that point became the inversion of the travel… Base of the initial plan of Giorgos Z., Ano Chora constituted the last destination before our return. He told me his idea “Let’s go north to the city of Karpenisi? … it should be very beautiful!”. Imagine therefore, in 3pm midday, after we ate a lot and had ride enough kilometres in the mountains, he propose to you continuing to the opposite direction, from the return home. Looking at the map we saw that we should cover 90km. through the mountains up to the village of Tymfristos, little outside from Karpenisi. Finally we dared it…

We ride passing the beautiful villages of Lalika, Kryoneria (attention it has for 2 roughly kilometres negotiable earth-road), Perdikovrysi and up to that we met the dam of Evinos river that has created an astonishing artificial lake.

We continued to the villages Klepa, Arachova and little afterwards we met a very beautiful waterfall where we stopped obligatorily for photographs. In the way for the village Domnista we went up again in big altitude. Fact that was confirmed by the big presence of snow. In that point you could distinguish the snowy mountains around you, the Vardoysia Mountains.

After we passed certain villages, we came out in a crossroad in the provincial street of Karpenisi – Lamia, near the village of Tymfristos and we turned right to Lamia. Then we reached in the national road of Lamia - Athens  and we returned late at the evening.

I consider that it is the most beautiful and the biggest one day excursion that I have realised. Once more I confirmed in one of the reasons that I worship this country: the splendid and so much different from each other landscapes that allocate. This excursion contained everything: sea, snowy mountains, rivers, many waterfalls, graphic villages and enjoyable ways.

I suggest it to you, unconditionally!!!