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Delphi - Galaxidi - Desfina - Antikira - Stenos - Aspra Spitia - Agios Nikolaos - Distomo

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Sat, 13/05/2006
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 120 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti, Dimitris, Nikolae
Copilots: Paschalina, Christina
Photographers: Manolis, Paschalina, Ploumisti, Christina
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

With the chance of the show of cultural organization “The Routes of Olive Tree”, we realized a trip at the area of county Viotia – Fokida. At that trip participated, for the first time, 2 new members of our club, Nikolai with Suzuki V-Strom 650 and Dimitris with Yamaha TDM 900. After we drank our coffee at the “Delphi Camping” (4km outside the village of Delphi), where we spend the night, started for the village of Galaxidi that was 25km away.
The road until the olive grove was down hill with good quality of road surface and many easy turns. The view was panoramic, while from that height, you could see Itea. Reaching Itea, we turned right, following the maritime way. The road was narrow, but good. When we entered at the beautiful and graphic Galaxidi, we followed the signs for the “beach” and found ourselves at the small port, which there were the cafe and the restaurants. Exactly opposite there was a narrow road that followed the coastline between the pine trees. We followed it until we found dead end, which was the entrance of the Tourist Professions school. It worth’s ride until there –it is not more than 2-3km – and return to Galaxidi.
Next we decided to visit the area of Antikira. We returned from the same way to Itea and followed the road to Kirra and Desfina. After the node of Kirra, the way was magnificent. It was uphill with many turns, we enjoyed the fabulous view of the Korinthian Gulf, as we could see the maritime villages of the North Pelopponisos.
We moved on and from a point, we started getting in the mainland. Before the village of Desfina the scenery was astonishing. At the territory there is a tableland, with yellow and green colors from the flowers that gave you the impression of an unbounded carpet!!! We stopped to enjoy the place, where – as we were informed from a local biker – the last year’s motocross races took place.
As we continued the landscape started changing and the flora was fewer. When we passed the node to Arachova and Athens, we met Antikira. It is about an offshore village, with not a particular architecture. We thought to stop for food but nothing drag our interest. The only interest thing was the firehouse of Antikira, which is from stone with coppery roof. It was something strange for us, one so well-looked-after firehouse for such a village... We asked a local lady for a restaurant and she suggested a place called Steno, which is found just 1 km away. Unfortunately due to the season everything was closed. I imagine that on summer it would be crowded.
We returned to Antikira and from there we continued east, following the road to Aspra Spitia. A really peculiar village, as all the houses was white and had the same architecture, which reminded a block from a big city. The roads were vertical and had names. At its centre there was a high-rise apartment building that pulled our interest and made an impression! Everything was covered from an unbounded desert and quietness.
As we learned later, that particular built-up area was created to host the employees of the excavation bauxite factory that is found 3-4km near the village of Agios Nikolaos. A French company built the village and brought workers from all over Greece. We took direction to the factory and reached the village of Agios Nikolaos, where the road from there became dirt road. We returned to Aspra Spitia and at the node that existed at its exit, were the node to Distomo.
We followed a very beautiful way as we left the sea and went uphill, we reached the big village of Distomo. Inside its narrow roads, we found the central square with the cafe under the shadow of a huge plane. Due to our big hunger, we asked and were told about the tavern of Mr.Odisseas that was found at the road that leaded to Arachova. Under the small planes that were at the yard of the tavern, we enjoyed the delicious snacks, as after a while a couple came with a BMW 650 from Athens whom we had the chance to exchange opinions.
We also learned that at the village there is a mausoleum with bones from the war with the Germans and a folklore museum with many exhibits of the area. The time was 5pm. So we decided to return to Delphi that was 35 km away. After the village and as we traveled about 10km, we reached the main road of Levadia – Arachova, a beautiful and pictorial route that made us not to understand when we reached Delphi.
Before we returned to the camping, stopped at a cafe with a panoramic view, which was found at the exit of Delphi. We recommend the area for daily getaways and not only. It might not have the rich flora like other parts of Greece, but it combines mountain and sea…