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Vilia - Platees - monastery of Agia Triada - Skourta - monastery of Analipsis Kyriou (Dervenochoria)

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Sun, 22/06/2008
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 200 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti, Dimitris, Αpostolis
Photographers: Manolis, Dimitris
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

The temperature was gone up the weekend. Unfortunately social obligations prevented us to leave from Friday. Thus therefore, even if the Saturday night included clubbing, we arrange a tour in the region of Dervenochoria.

The company was constituted from Ploymisti, Dimitris, Apostolis and Manolis. The appointment was given in the Kiosk, afterwards the hospital in Dafni, in 11.30 am. Following the national road Athens-Korinthos, we passed the node of Madra and turned right in the plate “Thiva - Elefsina”. The way up to Vilia was 33km., that was our destination and was enjoyable, with enough green at its length. In the beautiful village, we tasted the traditional cheese pie of a small bakery that functions from 1932! Fortunately, we accomplished to take the last 3 pieces from the baking pan! We drank the first coffee of the day, in one of the cafe that are entertained in the central street of the village.

We left from Vilia, for the village of Platees (20km). We returned in the road Thiva - Elefsina(5km.) and we followed the direction for Thiva. The street crosses the mountain Pastra, giving us the possibility of enjoying the panoramic view of plain of Plataies. The landscape was different… the plain was without the presence of trees, only endless granaries.
In the entry of Plataies, is found the archaeological site. Stone remnants remain, in order to remind us one of the knownest and important battles of Ancient Greece. We continued, crossing the village (that it allocates taverns, cafeterias and petrol station), with destination, the monastery of "Agia Triada" (Saint Trinity) (5km).

Unfortunately, we found it closed (for schedule of lunch time 13.00-16.00). Nevertheless it was given us the occasion to have a panoramic opinion of wider region. Continuity, we returned in the village and directed to Kaparelli (3km) - Melissochori (6km). Apostolis proposed to visit a original park (AFRICA PARK) that it had discovered from the internet. It is found, after Melissochori, in the street to Lefktra (exists relative labelling). Substantially, it is a restaurant that it allocates shaped spaces that are entertained irrationally, horses, zebra, ostriches, deers, apes. Of course, the animals are found in their natural spaces. Our feelings were mixed…

The heat had reached high temperature . We left following course for Loutoufi (7km.) and Thiva (12km.). In the outskirts of Thiva, following the plates to Elefsina, we reached in Erithres (8km.) via a street of enough good quality in its pavement.
In the entry of the village Erithres, we met the plate for Dafni and DERVENOCHORIA. We turned left, leading to a deserted narrow way for 21km. and going up hypsometrically. In our left unfolded a immense plain. After, we passed the villages Dafni and Dafnoula, we reached in the village of Pili, that is the biggest of the villages of Dervenochoria.

We decided to move perimetrically, in the plateau. We visited Panakto, Prasini and Stefani, the known Dervenochoria. They are known, for the barbecues and the taverns where they allocate. Many of them, have amazing titbits and fresh, local meats. Beyond from this, they do not allocate something particular as natural beauty, vegetation and architectural…

The hour approached 5.00pm. and for this reason, we didn't have a lot of choices in our search for a tavern. We led to Skourta to a likeable familial tavern that was open. At 6pm., we left for Inofita (22km.). Little outside from the village Skourta, the helical way passes through big pine trees, up to the crossway for the monastery “Analypsi Kyriou” (5-7km.) that dominates in the top of the small hill. We did not lose occasion to visit it, closely. After a small stop for a few minutes, we continued for Inofita via a relatively narrow way, with mediocre quality pavement. Afterwards Inofita, we selected the provincial road (old national road) for Avlona (10km.).

At some time - and while we had probably followed an alternative way, without undestanding it, we saw many people (roughly 1500 individuals) in a outdoor ground. Approaching, we realised that they were foreighers. We stopped with curiosity to see what was going on. Dimitris asked a likeable young man and learned that it was a game of one unknown to us sport. Of course, the particular match presented particular interest, while the participated teams were from different countries: India and Pakistan!. Important match of top, we could say!!! Naturally, we did not lose the occasion to stop, in order to watch it, giving us the impression that it has certain common elements with our children's game “abariza”. it must be marked that the unique woman's precence was Ploumisti!

We continued and rather accidentally, we accomplished to reach Avlona (because of the entire lack of plates). Always riding in the old national road(in parrarel with the new national road), we reached in Malakasa (6km.). We passed the prisons and following the plate for SAINT MERKOYRIO, we were found in a deserted way that leads to Athens (40km.). The street is very narrow with a lot of turns that make the ride enjoyable!!! It is the forest of Tatoi. Really, I could not imagine the existence of such region, so near to the capital. You believe that you find yourself in a virgin forest. Really impressive!!!

At 9pm., we reached in the node of the National Road with the New Erithrea. We greeted each other and we returned in our houses, with a lot of positive impressions, from the small one day excursion. In conclusion, we could say that it deserves the effort to realise the way Tatoi - Saint Merkourios, so that you visit Dervenochoria for food.