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Brignoles - Figueres - Barcelona

Trip Details

Road Trip 2006 II
Date: Sun, 30/07/2006
France, Spain
Distance: 560 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

30 July 2006: The alarm clock started ringing at 08:00am. An hour later we started our trip, following again the motorway A10 to Aux En Provence, then A8 and A54 for Arles & Nimes. At Provence we paid 2,6€, at St. Martin de Crau we paid 2,2€ whereas at Montpellier where we arrived following A8 route we paid 2,8€. After some stops to refill with gasolene we reached Perinea where there were warnings of strong winds. Hopefully for us there was only dead calm.

We continue our trip and we pass outside the French Perpignan and after few km we arrive at the last French tolls where we paid 8€. We continue towards the Spanish border. Our emotions are mixed since we drive the first meters of the Hibernian chersonese. We are driving at the Spanish motorway (autopista) going to Figueres where the museum of Teatre-Museu Dali (Placa Gala-Salvador Dali, 5) is located. At the exit of the motorway we pay 1,75€. At Figueres you can see by paying some attention the signs that lead to the museum of Salvador Dali which actually is the most important sight of this town.

Upon your arrival to the museum you cannot miss it because of its colors as well as of its architectural design and its outside decoration. Its entrance is located in a small square and we find it by following the paved alleys. The price for the museum is 10 and 7 euros for the adults and students accordingly. In the museum there are exhibits of Salvador Dali as well as exhibits of other artists. The museum is three floors high with magnificent and unique internal decoration.

Without notice it, the time passed by and we feel hungry. It is time to taste the Spanish kitchen. We seat outside the museum at a restaurant under the shadow of big trees and we choose to eat Paella mixta, which is combined from rice mixed up with sea food and meat. It is very tasty!

Late at noon we decide to continue our trip to Barcelona which is less than 100km away. We choose the national road N11 which is parallel with the motorway. The condition of the road is actually good and looks similar to Greek roads than the French ones. By approaching Barcelona the road follows the coastline. After a while we found too much traffic because of the period and of the day (Sunday). Well before we approach the town limits all the cars are blocked. The road was to narrow for maneuver and we couldn’t stand the heat!

At the maritime El Mansu we stopped at a beautiful square in order to relax and decide where to rest. We read our maps and travel guides and we decide to rest outside Barcelona putting away the thought of staying inside the town. In an area parallel with the one that we are now there is a hotel of the Formule1 group of hotels which is 18-20km (Mollet d.V. area) from the town’s center. We decided that it is the best choice for us. So we start looking for the best road to go there in order to avoid the logjam.

For our luck there is a road. The route is beautiful with a panoramic view of the area which passes inside a park. After few km we arrive at the hotel. Unfortunately it was full but next to it there was anther called Sidorme Hotel which had rooms with a price of 38€ per double room. The environment and the room’s condition are satisfactory. We parked our motorbikes at the parking which was outside the reception. We went to our room to rest since the next day we had organized a tour at the Catalonia’s capital city.