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Ancient Mantinia - Agia Fotini - Vitina - Pirgaki - Lagkadia - Ladonas Lake - Kalentzi

Trip Details

Trips inside Peloponissos
Date: Sun, 11/09/2005
Distance: 650 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti
Photographers: Manolis, Ploumisti
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ragas
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

Motoriders club decided to visit central and north Peloponnesus at September of 2005.
We started from Athens at 10:30 travelling for ancient Mantinia and Vitina. After one hour driving we have reached at Nestani interjection which is after the tolls before the town of Tripoli. Few km after the village Milea you will see signs for the ancient Mantinia which is 6km far away from the interjection of Nestani. At the archaeological area, you can see findings of the ancient theatre, of the parliament and of the market place without paying a ticket.
In the same area, there is the magnificent church of St. Fotini which has a special architecture. The church instead of the classical dome has a structure which reminds ancient temple. At the courtyard, there are two more ancient structures. We were informed that all these buildings were created at the 50’s by a professor who used materials from old buildings from Tripoli that were demolished in order to build new modern apartments in their place. The professor faced difficulties when he was trying to build those structures by the local priests. However, the day we visited the place many trine immersions were taking place. It is worth one's while to visit the place since you will observe the effort to combine architectonically the ancient times with the Christian times.
After this area, we left for Vitina following the route for Levidi. We went through the Ski center of Menalo and we realized that we did a good choice. The road was full of firs all the way to Vitina. We recommend taking that route if you visit the area.
When we found again the main road that connects Tripoli with Pirgo we turned right for Vitina. Vitina is a scenic and traditional village without anything good to offer but a good place to drink your coffee or eat something. We had our coffee at the village’s main plaza and soon enough more motorcyclists came.
We left from Vitina heading for Pirgaki. Pirgaki is only 7 km from Vitina and if you have time visit it since it has a magnificent view. The village is uninhabited with 10 demolished houses but with a restored church. The route to there is graphic and if you continue on that route, you will find the village were Kolokotronis was born.
We decided to take the road for Pirgo in order to visit the dam and the lake of Ladona. At the route, we found the village Lagadia which is a scenic and beautiful village. The village is built on a slope that makes you wonder how the houses stay on the slope. At the village’s plaza, you will find many cafeterias with a magnificent view.
When we arrived at Tropea we followed the signs for the dam of Ladona. After many sharp bends and not such a good road surface, we saw the dam and the lake. The view is magnificent however; it is not allowed to approach the dam but you can take the road next to the lake and see the lake from many different sights.
We decided to depart for the Kalenzti and until the village of Dafni the road was narrow and empty. Outside Dafni we found the national road 111 with many turnings. Outside Lampeia we stopped to cool ourselves at the springs that exist at the entrance of the village. After the Panopoulos caravansary, the road was good enough and we found the interjection for the village. We did not turn at the first sight for Kalentzi since the road was bad so instead, we turned at the interjection for Erimanthia and Kalentzi.
The route form the interjection to Kalentzi is about 15km uphill and with many turnings. The view from the village is magnificent. The village is built at the slope of the mount Erimanthos and in front of it; you can se the valley of Achaia. There are two museums but they where closed at the time we arrived there.
We left the village and we took the road for Patra where we arrived at 21:00 o’clock. We rested there for a while before our return to Athens. We had cover 650km, and for once more it is proven that the trips with a motorcycle have no limits.