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Dimitsana - Stemnitsa - Karitena

Trip Details

Trips inside Peloponissos
Date: Sun, 28/12/2003
Distance: 455 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Panos
Copilots: Monica
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

A one day tour in central Peloponnese, just before we say goodbye to the year 2003.
Central Peloponnese and more specifically the regions Dimitsana, Stemnitsa and Karitaina, were for a log time among our plans. Even if the season was not the most suitable (dues December), as long as we had the opportunity, we began our trip without second thought!!!
We got started at 8.30 in the morning, dressed as “lobsters”, as the cold was intense, despite the sunny day. We passed the tunnel of Artemision and after the tolls we followed the way for Vytina. The way was very beautiful and lucky we, sunny! You have to be careful at this time of the year because some points of the road may be iced, even during sunshine!
In the carrefour of Karkalou we followed the right direction for Dimitsana.
Around 10.30 we reached the beautiful Dimitsana. It is a traditional village, built at the top of a mountain! We stopped to take some pictures but also to drink our first coffee and to warm a little, at one of the graphic cafeterias.
Next stop after Dimitsana was the village Stemnitsa. A, also, traditional made of stone village with great tourist activity, that was proved by the large number of cars (!) parked at the square of the village. We stopped and take a walk in the mazy lanes. We reached up to the old Byzantine church and the monument of heroes that is found in the higher point of the village, where we enjoyed the impressive view. The village has enough traditionally small taverns with amazing cooking… unfortunately we did not have the chance to try!
We already reached henceforth midday and the temperature had gone up, a fact that made our trip more pleasant. We left from Stemnitsa and we decided to visit Karitaina in order to see the fortress and the bridge with the rich history. The distance is about 25 km from Stemnitsa. It may not be as graphic as the two previews, but because of the fortress and the bridge we suggest it for visitation. We bring to your notice that this village does not have any kind of restaurant, in case you want to combine your visit in the village with food! We had the misfortune of not knowing that detail. Fortunately, in the crossroad before the village there is the homonym tavern ("crossroad"), with enough good and tasty food!
After we ate and before we take the road of return (via Megalopolis), we visited the acquaintance bridge of Karitaina. Many people know it as it was portrayed on the 5,000 drachmas bank note. The old bridge is found under the new bridge and in order to meet it, you first have to reach the crossroad that we mentioned before and then follow the road for Stroggylo. At the old stone bridge there is a very small church which you can visit. If you want, you can approach the bridge with the motorcycles as there is a well situated dirt road that leads up to there. After we enjoyed the landscape and took some pictures, we got started for the way back Athens, while the weather had already begun to get worst.
We unconditionally suggest this tour to you, during winter or summer time. We believe that during summertime you might enjoy it more, however and the winter gives a different kind of beauty… Anyway this part of Peloponnese is amazing and is not accidental that it possesses the first places in the preferences of motorcyclists…