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Vitina - Dimitsana - Stemnitsa - Menalo mountain

Trip Details

Trips inside Peloponissos
Date: Sun, 14/09/2008
Distance: 440 km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Vaggelis, Nikos, Kyriakos, Apostolis
Copilots: Dimitra
Photographers: Vaggelis, Kyriakos, Dimitra
Authors: Sakis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

Even if a big part of the particular way, we have visited at the past, even though, we did not lose the occasion, this time with enough new persons in the company and a small change at the tour, to explore it! An other element that made us dare it, was the very good weather conditions, that in other season, were considered impossible to be accomplished.

Sunday morning, at 9,30am, outside the known hospital of Dafni, it had been given the appointment. We began covering the national road of Athens - Tripoli, up to the tunnel of Artemisio, that this season becomes roadwork and little afterwards from this, in the node of Nestani, we turned right to Levidi - Vitina. After, we passed the beautiful village of Levidio, we continued, until we reached in the known and graphic village of Vitina. It is known biker’s destination and you distinguish it easily, after each Weekend that fills the square of the village with bikes. Thus, we did not lose the occasion to drink the first coffee of the day and to enjoy the sun shine.

Then, we began for Dimitsana. After we covered 15 kilometres, we found the carrefour of Karkalous, where there, we turned left and then we reached in the beautiful Dimitsana. It is a traditional village, built in the top of a mountain with a lot of taverns and cafeterias. We stopped for a few photographs and we said some other time to explore it better.

Next station Stemnitsa. In the way to the village, I would like to report that it has an amazing view of the around region, while in the depth is distinguished Lousios river. Entering in Stemnitsa , you distinguish immediately the houses that are build from stone, the small alleys and generally a effort to maintain traditional and graphic, in the village. There, we made our second stop, this time for food, in the beautiful square of the village that it allocates traditional taverns, with amazing local cooker.

Henceforth, it had reached midday and we began following the street to Elati - Vitina. It is substantially, a circle in the mountain of Mainalo. After we came out from Stemnitsa, after 3km., we turned left and then after 11km., we turned again left to Elati. This way is personally, from the most beautiful that I have ride, as the vegetation is luxuriant and the firs reach so high that hides from you, the sun. We stopped for a few minutes in a spring that was built from stone, in order to enjoy the nature and to relax.

After we were found again outside from Vitina, we decided to take another street of return, via the Ski centre. Thus, we turned right and we followed the beautiful road that went uphill, until we found ourselves in the Ski centre in altitude 1700m., that of course such season is closed. Finally, we made a last stop for coffee in the square of Levidio, where we discussed for the beauty of mountainous volumes of central Peloponnese.

One of the most beautiful ways of Greece that you should visit in any case. It wants a lot of attention, the wintry months, as it touches ice, it has also relative labelling in a lot of points.