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Lampia - Kalavrita - Mega spileo

Trip Details

Trips inside Peloponissos
Date: Fri, 29/10/2004
Distance: 330 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Christos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Nancy
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

After long time of inactivity, we have finally found the chance to leave for four days. Although the weather wasn’t so good, on the day of our departure it was exactly as it should be!

We were invited at Christo’s house in Amaliada. So we decided to spent the nights there and use this place as our base for our visits at west and the centric side of Peloponnesus, which we hadn’t visited yet. So we arrived there on the 28th October and we decided the next day to start our drives. Our first destination Kalavrita.

We woke up at 08:00 o’ clock and after we have had breakfast we hit the road.We took the road to Xavari, Efira and Skliva. It is a provincial road with many turns and maximum speed not more than 50km/h. After 30 – 40 km we found a crossroad and we followed the signs to Tripoli. This road was better, wider and with better road surface but also with many turns. And the landscape is excellent. We made our first stop in a very picturesque village, Lambia. Lambia is a beautiful village and it is a very touristic area.

After our first stop at Lambia we continued until we arrived at Kleitoria. There, we found again a crossroad. At this crossroad if you follow the right side you get to Kalavrita through the mountains but this road has too many turns and in some points it also may have rocks from sliding. On the contrary if you follow the left side, as we did, it leads you to Kalavrita from a better and shorter way. Kalavrita is one of the most famous winter resorts in Greece. It is a traditional village with many sightseeing’s. Also there are too many hotels and apartments, where you can stay. At Kalavrita you have to visit the sky – center, the monument of the heroes of the war and also the train known as “odondotos”, which makes a beautiful route through the forest. After a cup of coffee and a lot of exquisite images that filled our minds, we decided to return.

We took the road to Diakofto which leads to the national road Athens – Patra. About 20 km from Kalavrita there is the Grate Cave. It is a monastery build in the rocks of the mountains. The landscape is really extraordinary. It’s very difficult to describe such beauty. We suggest you to visit it if you find your self in the area. The way until the national road is good, it has many turns but they are not so tiring. And the most important is that it is too near to Athens, only 39 km from the national road Athens – Patra.