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Gouves (Messinia) - Taigetos Mountain - Monemvasia - Neapolis - Elafonissos - Githio - Areopoli - Velika

Trip Details

Trips inside Peloponissos
Date: Fri, 27/06/2003 to Sun, 29/06/2003
Distance: 460 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Panos
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Ada
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

A three days tour in Southern Peloponnese.
The south-eastern part of Peloponnese was one of the parts we wanted to visit also and the end of the travel proved that we were right!!! This route combines a lot of different landscapes as you cross the mountain of Taygetos, the region of Mani and Elafonisos.
In this travel our club could not resist the charm of novelty, so except from being motorcyclists we became also free campers! It is a really beautiful experience and advisable during the summer months.
Our departure from Athens was Friday, in the middle of an unexpected storm although that during the rest of the day the temperature exceeded 35 degrees of Celsius!!! Nice beginning… However the whole misfortune kept only up to Elefsina. Late in the evening we reached Gouves, a region near Velika (20th km Kalamata - Pylos), where we stayed overnight. Saturday 28th of June: We left with destination Monemvasia. The road that we followed was via the mountain Taygetos, which is one of the two choices you have in order to reach Monemvasia. As soon as you enter the city of Kalamata you follow the signs for Sparti (64km). The landscape is amazing as, substantially, you reach up to the top of Taygetos.
As soon as we reached Sparti we took direction for Skala, Vlahiotis and then Monemvasia (90km). Reaching Monemvasia we were really thrilled with the view we faced!!! As soon as you enter the village of Monemvasia you feel like you live in another time!!! Venetian, classic stoned built and architecture. Although the heat was terrible, as soon as we sate in one of the graphic cafe, we forgot the tiredness and the heat of the day.
Our next stop was Neapoli (30km). The road up to there is not the best! Narrow, with a lot of bends and bad asphalt in some points. Neapoli is a coastal village without something remarkable! When however you decide to visit the region of Neapolis you definitely have to visit the islet of Elafonisos!!!
You can take the small boat at the port after the village of Viglafia. On the way to Neapoli you will find the village Agioi Apostoloi and the sigh that leads you to Elafonisos. The boat takes less than 10 minutes to pass to the other side!!! As soon as you reach the island, you follow the sign that you find in the left side of the port, for Simos. This beach of Simos is located 4,5 km further. It is a very famous beach and, in our opinion, the only reason to visit the island. After we enjoyed our swimming, we decided to eat at one of the traditional taverns that you found around the port.
Our next destination… Gythion. The way via Papadianika-Asopos-Elea and afterwards Vlahioti-Scala. A little before we reached Gythion and close to the beach with the Shipwreck it was already started to get dark and that was the reason to stop and stay overnight in a very beautiful creek. We first checked the place and started to organise our camping. To our big surprise we realised that we could not pitch the tents. The result was something closer to shacks....!! For this reason we suggest that you first check your tents before you start camping!!! Moreover, do not ever forget to take with you ointment for mosquitoes, as in case Panos was not so thoughtful, the mosquitoes could “kill” us out there!!! Finally we made it and as soon as we turned on a fire, we relaxed and enjoyed the evening with a small talk... Sunday 29th of June: We woke up and got started for Gythion (90 km from Neapoli), a very beautiful, graphic, coastal village. We took some photographs and continued for Areopoli (25 km). Areopoli is a typical village of Mani, with traditionally stone worked uniform houses! Whoever we asked also told us that Areopoli is one of the most beautiful hamlets of the region of Mani!. We stopped for coffee, rest and enjoy the landscape.