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Libovitsi - Valtesiniko

Trip Details

Trips inside Peloponissos
Date: Sun, 22/11/2009
Distance: 96 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Ploumisti, Apostolis, Spyros (Yamaha Fazer600), Christos K. (BMW 1200GS)
Photographers: Manolis, Sakis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

We are in the dues of November. The sunny Sunday roused us for an excursion in the beautiful Peloponnese. Before some time we had located an impressive way in one of the most famous mountains of Peloponnese: Menalo. The appointment was given in the city of Tripoli, while in the excursion participated members that assisted in the city of Kalamata. In our company participated also 2 new friends - except MRC- Christos K. (BMW 1200GS) and Spyros (Yamaha Fazer 600).

After we crossed the quiet centre - because of the day - of Tripoli, we followed the labelling for Libovitsi. The part is known while it entertains the house of the family of Kolokotronaion, the most famous - perhaps -family of the Greek Revolution in 1821. There are a lot of choices so that someone reaches there. We ride via the villages of Dabia - Piana. We covered roughly 20km. a helical way that in its bigger part was verdant from pines, making the riding enjoyable!

Roughly 4km. after the village of Piana we met the carrefour that led to Libovitsi (9km). Substantially it was a forestal street that crosses a verdant from firs region, offering an exceptional view! We must refer that the particular way in its bigger department is asphalt roadway. However, it is negotiable earth-road at its end and I consider that it is rapproachable from any kind of motorcycle… of course it depends from meteorological that prevail!

As we had covered roughly 30km. from Tripoli, we reached in Libovitsi. We parked next to the small church and directed to the house of the family of Kolokotronaion. In our days it has been changed in museum (entry free of charge) that it entertains certain familial heirlooms of Kolokotronis, flag and tables with portraits of the heroes of the Revolution in 1821, information and more. Near to the historical house exists a small cafe. We decided to make a stop before we continue.

Our next destination was the village Valtesiniko (35km). Leaving Libovitsi, we ride to a very beautyful way in a verdant region of firs. The helical street became narrow and went up hypsometrically. A lot of points offered a unique panoramic view of the wider region. After 3-4km. we met the road Chrysovitsi - Vytina. We turned right with direction Vytina, moved in an impressive and comfortable way that crossed the village of Elati and the settlement Pyrgaki. At the length of the street we met many sources with running water and wooden manufactures where could anyone stop and enjoy the landscape…

Afterwards the settlement Pyrgaki (2km) we met the national street Vytina - Dimitsanas. We turned left and after 2-3km. we found the carrefour that led to Valtesiniko. We moved in an uphill way and after we passed the village Magoyliana (4km.), we ride in an impressive way that led to our next destination.

Valtesiniko is a beautiful traditional village, built amphitheatrically in the slopes of Alogovounio Mountain, in altitude that it exceeds 1.100m. The houses of the village try to maintain the classic, local architecture, while the imposing churches stir the interest of the visitor. Its place offers a unique panoramic view of the wider region, giving you the possibility of distinguishing the verdant of the firs ridges of the near mountains. As soon as we reached in the village, we made a walk following the plates for “Kato chorio”. We moved perimetrically up to where we led to the “ano chorio”. The labyrinthian streets and back street led us to a dead end, giving us however the occasion to converse for a little with a hospitable - but also - curious old woman…

We led to the central square of “kato chorio”, where it entertained - except the other - a tavern. We selected it while the time approached 4pm. The hour passed pleasantly with conversation and teases. We decided not to visit the neighbouring village of Lagadia, while it was getting dark and the cold was becoming perceptible. Therefore we returned from the same way to Vytina and from there we directed to the node of Nestani (30km), of the national road Tripoli - Korinthos. The most of us returned for Athens (roughly 150km) and other for Kalamata (roughly 100km.)

The mountain of Menalo impressed us once more…