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Gouves Messinia - Taygetos - Gythio - Stoupa

Trip Details

Trips inside Peloponissos
Date: Sat, 30/05/2009
Distance: 200 km.
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti, Giorgos N (BMW 1200GS)
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

On the occasion the visit of Ploumisti and Giorgos N in Messinia, we decided to make a one-day excursion in Lakonia via the beautiful way of Taygetos. Entering in Kalamata, we followed the plates for Sparta and soon we met the helical way that entered in the rocky verdant opening in the root of Taygetos. As many times as someone has realised the particular way, each time he will be impressed with the beauty of the natural landscape, but also with the pleasure of riding. Riding for 20km., little afterwards the village Artemisia, we met the plate “Mavro Spileo”. We turned left, following a narrow way, we sought the cavern without having certain concrete information regard to it. After we covered 2km., we found a plate that informed us for the existence of the renovated watermill, named “Rentifi”. We stopped in order to visit it. We stood lucky, while in the area was Mr Dimitris Giannopoylos, householder of the watermill. He volunteered to show us the watermill. The traditional, recently renovated watermill, was found side by side an impetuous river, under the shade of age-long plane trees. The landscape was extremely relaxing… Mr Dimitris informed us that the cavern that we sought was found in the end of a bad earth-road 5km. that it began little afterwards the carrefour with the national street Kalamata-Sparta. Unfortunately it does not exist infrastructure of its exploitation - potentially because its small size and for this reason it has been left in its luck. We returned in the national network and continued with direction to Sparta. In the Tourist Shelter (1.300m altitude), that is found precisely next to the street, we made a few minutes stop to enjoy the Alpine landscape, that certain moments made you believe that you find yourself in the Alpes and in Central Europe!
We continued in an impressive way. We met the small tunnels that were created in the abrupt rocks - many decades before, constituting the signal of deposited of the way Kalamata - Sparta. A way that follows the corresponding that linked the ancient cities of Sparta and Ithomis of Messinia. A few kilometres after, we met in the settlement of Kaiada. Most people know it from the gruesome ancient tradition of ancient Spartans. We made a stop in order to visit the point (certain metres next to the street) that it is found a narrow opening in the rocks, where ancient Spartans “flew” all the children that were not absolutely healthy and able-bodied!
Following the labelling for Sparta and continuity for Gythion, after roughly 50km., we reached in the graphic small port of Gythion. The department of this way passed through olive groves and it could be characterized - rather incurious…
After we made a short stop in Gythion, we moved to the “Shipwreck”. It is an abandoned old commercial boat that it grounded in a beach -5km. from the small town - rather from some mistake of the captain. As it is constitutes one beautiful sight that deserves to be visited, as long as it is found still there… In the area exists space for free camping and a tavern.

We decided to eat and afterwards to take the street of return, via Areopolis and the coastal way of Messiniaki Mani. Thus and it was done… We continued in a beautiful way up to Areopoli (30km) and afterwards continued in the Laconic &? Messiniaki Mani, meeting beautiful villages and settlements as Limeni, Trachila, Kardamyli, etc. Late the afternoon we made a stop in Stoupa - famous for the beach of Kalogria - in order we enjoy our afternoon coffee, with view the impressive sunset…